Locally, this is the lovely art of food cooked on a hot grill1. Charcoal, gas, Wiki events, or just take-out, here's where you can go locally for your BBQ fix.


There are restaurants:
lechat.jpgCats are obligate carnivores and love BBQ

Public Grills

Wiki BBQs

There are also Wiki BBQ's, which strictly speaking are cookouts. Because, strictly speaking, the barbecue refers to the grill and cooking vs. the entire gathering?


Food and charcoal for your own grilling can be found at most supermarkets, while grills and propane can be found at Davis Ace (some gas stations also feature a propane tank exchange).


Few pastimes exist that are not subject to government interference and BBQ grilling is no exemption. Dwellers of single family homes and duplexes are largely left unscathed by the fire marshal, however those in multiple-family dwellings (apartments, condos, townhouses, etc.) are subject to several regulations as of January 1, 2008:

These state fire codes effectively prevent most apartment dwellers from operating a BBQ grill with any sort of open flame. Electric BBQ grills are an alternative, although they take longer and food doesn't taste as good. While there is no provision specifically pertaining to BBQ grills in the Davis Model Lease, many apartment complexes have their own rules that ban outdoor grills altogether.

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