Behzad Farahbakhsh


Behzad Farahbakhsh is a candidate for ASUCD Senate, running as an independent. For other candidates for senate, see Winter 2005 ASUCD Election/Senate Candidates.

More information

Behzad Farahbakhsh began his involvement in ASUCD in Winter 2003 as a Senate candidate. He was a part of the Student Focus slate. In that election, Student Focus did very well and won 5 out of 6 available seats. He was the only candidate from his slate to not win a seat, but was also a freshman at the time. Additionally, this was the last election before Choice Voting was adopted. His opponents at the time included Paul Amnuaypayoat and LEAD. Shortly after his slate's near sweep, he was offered the position of chief of staff and served under President Sara Henry for that term.

In the Winter 2005 elections, he is ran again for a seat on the Senate, this time as an independent. Some could argue that was a wise move on his part because of the freedom being an independent allows in decision making. Except he lost again.

I say vote for Behzad just for the sheer cleverness of his closing sentence alone. - RajShah

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