Best Classes To Take Your Last Quarter...or so I've heard


Best Classes To Take Your Last Quarter...or so I've heard

* English 5F: Read and write short stories in a small classroom. Lots of fun.

ENG 010 How Things Work 4 I,II Baldis SciEng,Wrt
SAS 004 Water in Popular Culture 3 I Pasternack SciEng,SocSci,Wrt
MIC 010 History of Infectious Diseases 3 II Mann SciEng
ENL 05F Writing: Fiction 5 I,II,III Hayes, Middleton, and likely many others Wrt
LDA 001 Landscape Meaning 4 I Zanzot, MacCannell ArtHum,SocSci,Wrt
HDE 012 Human Sexuality 3 I,II Polen Div
FST 010 Food, Folklore and Health 3 I,II,III Russell SciEng,SocSci
PSC 001 Psychology 4 I,II,III Ennis SocSci
ANT 001 Human Evolutionary Biology 4 I,II,III McHenry, SciEng,Div,Wrt
RST 002 Myths, Rituals, Symbolism 4 I,III Wai ArtHum,Div,Wrt
PHI 013 Minds, Brains and Computers 4 Alt Yrs Molyneux SciEng,SocSci,Wrt
COM 05F Fairy Tales, Fables and Parables 4 I,II,III Boe ArtHum,Div,Wrt
NUT 010 Discovery and Concepts 3 I,II,III Applegate SciEng
ENT 001 Art, Science, World Insects 3 I Ullman SciEng,ArtHum
ETX 010 Intro Environ Toxicology 3 I Tjeerdema SciEng
EXB 010 Exercise and Fitness 3 I,II Salitsky+Shraffath SciEng,Div
HUM 001 Humanities Forum 2 I,II,III Hicks None
ESP 198 Education for Sustainable Living Program 2 III students None

See also Classic UC Davis Courses.

* NEM 110. Introduction to Nematology (2 units). You will never eat sushi again.

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