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    1. Complaint Guidelines
    2. Inappropriate Complaints

3075 Beacon Blvd, West Sacramento
8:30am - 5:00pm Monday - Friday
<info AT necal DOT bbb DOT org>

The Northeast California Better Business Bureau handles complaints for businesses located within Northeast California. In a dispute, the BBB works to facilitate communication between the company and the consumer, to help both sides come to a satisfactory resolution. The US Better Business Bureau (BBB) system extends across the nation, including Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico. Founded in 1912, the Better Business Bureau provides the following core services.

  1. Business Reliability Reports

  2. Dispute Resolution

  3. Truth-in-Advertising

  4. Consumer and Business Education

  5. Charity Review

It is important to note that Better Business Bureaus are funded by accredited businesses. Because BBB accreditation in good standing is valuable to businesses, there is some motivation for BBB accredited businesses to resolve consumer complaints amicably. While it is not necessary to first attempt self-resolution in business disputes, such attempts are looked upon favorably by both the Better Business Bureau and the court system, should the matter escalate. When a BBB receives a complaint, the complaint is presented to the business and the BBB stands as mediator. BBB accredited businesses must respond to consumer complaints presented by the BBB or lose their accreditation — most non-accredited companies will cooperate with the BBB as well, so your complaint doesn't have to involve a BBB accredited business. Because the BBB has no enforcement authority aside from its agreement with accredited businesses, it can neither force a business to respond to complaints nor administer sanctions. However, a company's unwillingness to respond is noted in the company's reliability report the BBB provides to the public.

Complaint Guidelines

Inappropriate Complaints


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