Big 'C'


Big 'C' is one of the Aggie songs.

Big 'C'

We are sons of California, 
Fighting for the Gold and Blue,
Palms of glory we will win
For Alma Mater true.

Sac State's men will soon be routed
By our dazzling 'C',
We'll stomp 'em in the mud,
Their green will turn to blood,
In our hour of victory!

Grrrr-ah!  Hey Hey!
Grrrr-ah!  Hey Hey!

Blood, drip, drip, drip,
Blood, drip, drip, drip,
Blood, drip! Blood, drip!


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I thought Big C was a UC Berkeley song? In high school, our rivals used it. Unless it's a shared song. But Big C also has these "grrrs" in it, like a bear? Some current band kid correct me if I'm wrong.MichelleAccurso

* A legal case settled a copyright dispute issue between the song's use at Berkeley and UCLA. The court decided that both schools could use the original tune, but that each school's rendition was copyright to the respective school. Since then, other campuses have been free to make renditions of the song by legal precedent. Cal (Berkeley) used to play a 6/8 version of Big "C". The current version at Cal is a cut time rendition in E flat. Anybody know about the version/arrangement that Davis plays?

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