Bike Church/BikeBrary


The Davis Bikebrary (Bicycle Library) is now open for your service!

What is the BikeBrary?

The BikeBrary is a bicycle and trailer lending library for use by the UC Davis and Davis communities. The BikeBrary was created because it seemed like a lot of people could use trailers for their bikes, but few had them. This way, anybody can cheaply use a trailer for the specific task they need it for. And we decided to throw in a couple bikes, too. This has evolved into a bike lending program and hopefully will include short term trailer lending in future as well.

What you get

*This information is out of date I believe*

We currently have many bikes and a few trailers. Members may check out up to one bike and one trailer at a time, for up to four hours. To check out bikes and trailers take a look at the [WWW]BikeBrary Calendar to see if somebody already has it reserved, and then email us at <davis DOT bikebrary AT gmail DOT com> to make your reservation.


The BikeBrary is meant to be very low cost, however we do need funds for maintainence and replacement. For that reason, the BikeBrary asks for a resonable rental donation and usually a $25~35 deposit on the bike to ensue it is well treated and returned.

How to sign up

To sign up please head over to the bike church while a minister is present. Ask a minister how to get involved. The minister will cet some form of contact information and write down the details of the exchange in the log book.

How to check-out and check-in

*This information is no longer up to date!!*
We will send you a confirmation email after you are a member and make a reservation request. The email will contain TWO numbers. The first one is the combination number for the cable lock that is currently locking the bike/trailer. the second number is the combination that you will change it to (it's easy. When you meet with a minister of the bike church, they will show you how). Keep this number! You will need it to lock and unlock the bike/trailer!

You will get the checkout for up to four hours. However, the BikeBrary is only open for check-outs and check-ins from the hours of 10:00am to 6:00 pm. If your time extends to past the closing time, come check in the next morning at 10:00, there will be no penalty.

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