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Great Pedal Forward is an initiative within the Bike Church to increase their physical, organizational and administrative efficiency.


Great Pedal Forward meetings are being held every Friday at 6 pm at the Domes Community Yurt. The Great Pedal Forward has sped up and veered in a new direction. This was spurred by our recent notice of eviction from our current location by Student Housing. See the main Bike Church page for further details. This page is a great record of all the work we did over the summer, and will continue to do.


We are currently in the process of raising money to fund the transformation of the Bike Church into a better place. The funds raised will go toward the Great Pedal Forward, which is an initiative to increase our physical, organizational and administrative efficiency. This movement will create a more inviting and functional space, which will allow us to increase the population served by the Bike Church not only in the campus community, but also in the larger Davis community. It will also help us to use volunteers more effectively through a cleaner and more organized physical space and organizational structure. While the Bike Church has thrived and grown in its first four years, we need to raise money in order allow the Bike Church to create a sustainable foundation for serving the community for years to come.

We started things off with dance party fundraiser on May 16th, 2008. We raffled off bicycles and other goodies and had local DJs spining late into the evening. It turned out to be a massive party and we received $1440 from donations and merchandise sales. Thanks to everyone who attended and donated. We hope we can have a great party like that on a regular basis.

If you are interested in donating you can either purchase our Merchandise or donate directly to us: contact <bikeministry AT ucdavis DOT edu>.

For those interested here is some details about how much money we've been raising:

From How much?
Dance Party 1440
Anonymous in-kind donations 2000
SCHA 500
Campus Sustainability Grant bc_gpf_final.pdf 2000

Mission Statement

From a group discussion of what the Bike Church should be all about:

The mission statement should answer where, what, why, how, and who.

Current Problems

Strategic Plan

The strategic plan document can be found [WWW]here.

Pictures of our progress

wedges.jpgDome Floor Wedges

revwork.jpgThe Reverend at work Site Planning / Floor Leveling floor.jpgThe Floor Mostly Sheeted / Knee Wall Parts raising.jpgDome Raising strength.jpgA Show of Strength wheelwall.jpgThe new Wheel and Tire Wall newfromold.jpgThe New Floor Taken from on the Old Dome overview.jpgOverview of the church in transition and cleanup forkrack.jpgFork storage extravaganza partsort.jpgParts being sorted in the new dome closed.jpgPicture from the new gate entrance to the church closed until Oct 1st divine.jpgDivine intervention podscaping.jpgBike Pod-scaping along the entrance path framegate.jpgNew entrance gate made out of some old bike frames with a clever hinge signage.jpgSignage at donation area near entrance signagekids.jpgMore signage for the kids section domegoem.jpgInitial geometry sketch for dome cover pleatwing.jpgSketch of wing and pleat needed for pavilion cover design pav_cover_front.jpgPavilion cover, design mock up from the front pav_cover_back.jpgPavilion cover, design mock up from the back

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