Bike Church/Meeting Minutes


  1. 2008
    1. October 24, 2008
    2. October 17, 2008
    3. October 3, 2008
    4. September 19, 2008
    5. September 5, 2008
    6. Aug 15, 2008
    7. July 25, 2008
    8. June 27, 2008
    9. May 16, 2008
    10. May 2, 2008
    11. April 18, 2008
    12. April 13, 2008
    13. April 4, 2008
    14. March 17, 2008
    15. March 10, 2008
    16. March 8, 2008
  2. 2007
    1. October 5, 2007
    2. June 19, 2007
    3. April 7, 2007
    4. ?
  3. 2006
    1. October 14, 2006
    2. April 1, 2006
    3. March 5, 2006
    4. February 18, 2006
    5. February 4, 2006
    6. January 21, 2006
  4. 2005
    1. October 8, 2005


October 24, 2008

In attendance: Robbie, Jonathan, Jan, Efraim, Sarah, Brian, Karen Higgins (visitor)

Karen Higgins

Wants to make multimedia piece on BC. May do interviews, will be hanging around. Will also be doing a piece for UC Davis homepage on biking and could include BC.

Acolyte Card

Robbie made a draft card. We will make them durable and keep them in a drawer at the church. All ministers will get one to test them out and make sure we’re all “trained.” J

Bike Visioning Meeting

Idea sharing for future of bike culture in Davis took place last Saturday. UCD seems ok with status quo of bike infrastructure. Problem for those who want to see culture grow is lack of time. Jan will be meeting Tara Goddard in two weeks to discuss future possibilities. She likes our mission and wants to help us grow and get legit. Ideas: help source materials (i.e. bikes from Davis Police), city-subsidized rent at a new facility,

Chris Doherty & Owen Howlett from Sac Bike Ktichen offered to help with establishing nonprofit status and generally providing expertise.

Student Housing Relationship

No feedback from Student Housing except that we should expect a reply soon.


Tool Order

Work Party

Finish Dome Cover Party day after fundraiser. Breakfast and work! (Nov 9th)

October 17, 2008

In attendance: Deacon TY, Matt Seitzler, Efrem, Fernando, Jan, Chris Salam, Cat, Robby, Janaki, Jared,Ida, Nedav,Carl

Bikes are for Bitches this Sunday 3pm-6pm!!

Letter to Housing

Table at DMA (Davis Media Access) 4:00-9:00pm tomorrow

Davis Bike Visioning, Meeting at Village Bakery at 4:00pm


Physical Space


Dome Cover

Scrap Bin

Oily Waste

Doors for Dome



New Ministers

Minister Training Cards

Bathroom Policy

Police (or TAPS)

Neonate on KDVS 12:00-3:00am Saturday night (Sunday)


October 3, 2008

In attendance: Ty, Janaki, Efrem, Cat, Jan, Matt, Robbie, Sarah, Jonathan.
Faciliator: Jonathan; notes: Sarah.

We are a SPAC. Yay! Thanks Cat, Darach.

Fundraiser plans & responsibilities


New Minister Training

Upcoming events

Permanent Dome Covering

Handbook finalization

September 19, 2008

Attendees: Fernando, Efrem, Armon, Darach, Jan, Matt S., Ty, Thomas, Chris S., Robbie, Chris C.

Facilitator: Jan
Note Taker: Matt S.

Agenda Items:
1. Physical Space Items

  1. Dome Cover

    b. Waste Stream

    c. Inspection

    d. Workparty Items

3. Waiver
4. BC Security
5. New Minister Protocol
6. Minister Enrichment
7. Media
8. GAP Revisit
9. Bike Conference

1. Physical Space Items

  1. Dome Cover and Fire Items-

  2. b. Waste Stream-

    c. Inspection-

    d. Workparty-

2.0 SPAC

3.0 Waiver

4.0 BC Security

5.0 New Minister Protocol

6.0 Minister Enrichment

7.0 Media

8.0 Group Action Plan revisit

9.0 Bike Conference at Bike Museum

10.0 BC Supplies

September 5, 2008

In attendance: Jan, Darach, Matt S., Sarah, Robbie, Ty & Efrem

Walk through:

Who was there: James Patterson (fire dept), Susan Cummings (EH&S), Chuck Huneke (student housing), Jonathan, Ty & Sarah

Issues with fire: made out of wood, temporary vs. permanent structure,

We need to wait until we hear what Wes has to say about the potential fire safety.

Other dome issues: need to fix shims.

Fire says they didn’t know we were using wood, but we have documentation that we tried to get in touch with them.

Potential future hurdle: risk management

Proposal: Make a one-page summary of the BC for university administration. Approved.

For BC waiver: tweak what we have and Craft Center

For handbook: ask Susan Cummings for input as we go.

Previous to future meetings: send out reminder

Work party plans (Saturday 10-2):

Clean up, pick up pieces, move frames from behind domes, get fire extinguishers, move flammables to cabinet, tighten up perimeter (donation space, etc.), organizing parts, start big signage

Rotate work party responsibilities. Matt in charge this week, Efrem in charge next week.

SPAC update:

Open 9-3 p.m. on 4th floor of MU. Drop-in hours around lunch.

Davis Bike Church

Matt will send out a time to go.

Waiver review:

Matt made waiver, will modify by comparing with Craft Center, then Mike lawyer will review. Then we will send it to Susan Cummings for advice.

GAP review (handbook):

Worked on handbook organization.

Review existing plan at next meeting, Sept. 19th.

Robbie will look at it ahead of time, and send it out.

Fundraising update (SHCA)

SHCA: Matt contacted Max and will have check written to Bike Church c/o .

Fundraiser date: Nov. 8 @ DOV

Will ask New Belgium for sponsorship if ok with Lee

Publicity (Aggie, KDVationS)

Contact Aggie reporter about BC article

KDVS: Julia (production person) will work with Darach to make new PSA tomorrow. (Squeaky tire, leaky air to zoom; a capella voices…) Darach will send out when he will do it on list.

Article for BC for KDVationS due Sept 10th. Darach needs help. 500-800 words.

Volunteering Plan

Bike fair Sept 14th 3-5 p.m. at Cesar Chavez. Need mechanics. Ty will do. Others should go too.

Bike rodeos at elementary schools. Help of all sorts needed. Sept. 10 (Montgomery), Sept. 17 (Korimatsu), Sept. 24 (North Davis), Oct 1 (Willett). 1:30 p.m. for all.

Aug 15, 2008

Davis Bike Church Meeting Notes

Attendees: Darach Miller, Robert McMurry, Matt Seitzler, Ty Nowotny(facilitator), Tara Goddard, and Jennifer Wolf(notes)


A) Work Party
B) Dome Cover
C) Handbook
D) Site Clearing
F) Dance Party
H) Tara Goddard

A) Work Party

Sat Aug 16th 9~12ish
Cabinets have arrived

Move cabinets using matt’s handout as guideline
Sort parts into cabinets
Move bikes and rack near entrance
priming inside of knee wall
Prime stairs and ramp
Some cans of paint at the site
Possibility, look into getting free paint from landfill
Could paint ring where cabinets go

Prime and Paint knee wall and floor
Organize and readjust frame storage area
General organization
Level ground around entry (may want to soak ground)
Separate card catalog to make two small part storage cabinets.
Arrange cabinets.

B) Dome cover

Paper model made by Friar Robbie with summer and winter options of pavilion shade and waterproof tent respectively
Lower part of cover to be used to expand shade area still in idea and planning stage.
Can sew cover using industrial machine at craft center (Ryan has offered to help with this). Possibly could glue instead (maybe both).
Material needs to have preferable mildew fireproof characteristics
Possibly get material from Hayward
Possibly material from used billboard (PVC?)

C) Handbook

Maybe we should have weekly meetings at Delta where people talk and type sections of handbook.
Use Santa Cruz Bike Church handbook as a template
Congleton back Sept. 15 matt can help after Sept. 3
Meet Wednesday Aug. 28 at 611 lessley place to get initial working document 5pm~7pm

D) Site Clearing …Part of work party see section A

E) Psa

Could be announced during Trotski’s show or any one else who wants to air it
Should record before school starts
Existing recording is not up to date and contains incorrect info

To be included in new message:
Save Bike Church
Check wiki for current hours work parties and events
Get involved and become a volunteer and or minister
Make a good one after the bike church has been “save” with higher production value music etc.

F) Dance Party Fund Raiser??

Oct4: bad because of Hoes Down(Capay), Hardly Strictly Bluegrass(SF), Oct1st deadline demands attention (i.e. not enough time to promote)
Nov1: near Halloween (possible domes party conflict)
Nov8: no obvious reasons not too **Star Star** save the date


EH&S/Housing requires this to meet
SPAC(Student Programs & Activities Center)
Enables fundraising and financing solutions
“pres”/pope/guru must take online quiz
$35 fee for storage space come as you go
might have to put education “spin” on bike church (which really is not a spin but reality)
might be able to use a tax ID number for donations (ie tax deductible donations)
Darach suggest looking into eligibility of grad students
Have to have ¾ UCD students
Liability – we are liable for any money injury etc. – need a wavier or look into getting liability insurance
Purpose needs to be clear and consistent with UCD
Statement of purpose could come from handbook
Timeline: ASAP then reregister each year
Five officers are responsible for all debts and liability obligations

H) Tara Goddard (Bicycle/pedestrian coordinator for city of Davis)

Contact info:
530-979-1621(work cell)

Background and current job duties:
Civil engineering graduate student – travel behavior
Worked with susan handy – walking bikeing .. children & obesity
Replaced Tim Bustos
Goal to get more people walking and biking
Deals with infrastructure problems, education programs, and enforcement issues etc.
Riding to school safety is major concern in davis

Ideas about future collaboration:

  1. Help with calls from other communities, education and resource material

  2. Pamplet and website

  3. Public works .. new city plan

  4. Sept8th international walk to school day

  5. Oct 12 celebrate davis

    1. shutting down 3rd from campus to Gst for Pedestrians only

      b. need bike valet service??

      c. University centennial

      d. Vendors lining street

  6. Cal Bike museum

  7. Working on a display

  8. Induction ceremony

  9. Bike Rodeo(May)

    1. Course set up for kids to learn to deal with common bike situations safely

      b. Trivia

  1. Cyclebration – revive davis citywide celebration

  2. Parking day – take over parking spots for a day to do whatever (garden, art gallery, croquet etc.)

  3. Join the Davis Bike Club List serve – lots of bike related discussion keeps your ears to the rail

I) Other topics

Housing visit walk through … Tentatively scheduled for early September, Would be nice to have a couple more work parties … parts in the dome etc.

Also wold be nice to follow up on Aggie article and How the best is done program.

July 25, 2008

Attendance: Jan, Jason, Matt, Darach

Agenda: Co-op fair, ken's tires, ordering stuff, shifts, GPF, dome/shed floor, weed control, fence, money, fundraise

Co-op fair

12-4 on saturday, meet at church at 11am
robbie, jason, jan, and darach will be there
church is closed during this time
Matt S. can borrow the blue tent during burning man

Ken's tires/tubes
Check in ken's dumpsters for good tubes and tires
ken's couldn't handle the amount of tires we brought them to recycle
darach will talk to ken
matt can talk to them about taking more tires

Ordering stuff
darach: we need to order
aaron at apex cycles needs help moving on the 29th. could be an opportunity to get a wholesale order
luke at sunshine, sf bike kitchen, and santa cruz are potentail folks for an order
let's try a small order with aaron
and check in with luke
we can agree to send folks to aaron's shop

- everyone is supposed to do one shift a month
- we don't have enough people now
- the church will be closed on saturdays!
- we need a psa for recruiting ministers in the fall
- minister training is need in the fall
- the bike church is not open on saturdays in the summer, and only maybe on wednesdays if someone wants to run a shift

Save the Bike Church
We are going to start using "save the church" to get more folks out at work parties
- write an email : come to work, help us, explain why it is threatened
- matt will write the email and let us review

- start construction this week
- move dome to the corner and have a 10 ft clearance with border
- work party on sunday to start clearing
- let's put a hold on the shed floor, it isn't critical

- look into materials:jason and matt
- the pre fabbed cover is too expensive $6000
- jan will look for an industrial sewing machine

weed control
cardboard, wood chips, black paper stuff, plastic
- we will use sheet mulching for temporary weed prevention
- jason will be a roll of black paper stuff for sunday

-no sharp stuff
- it has to be secured to the ground with no chance of falling
- check price of the 4ft high fence
- do north fence last

we haven't received scha money, or money from the two $1000 donors
we need to check on these things, jason will do that

Lee wants the church back for another fundraiser party
we need to have it in the fall when school starts

has been updated, but still needs work

June 27, 2008

June 27th, 2008 meeting for Bike Church Great Pedal forward

Attendees: Jan, Matt, Robbie, others forget who add yourself if you were there


1)money flow WTF? (15min)
2)Opening (10min)
3)Action plan progress (postponed due to low attendance and time)
4)Peter Warwick(15min)
5)Work Party (10 min)
6)shed organization (10min)


Money Flow WTF?:
1.Robbie looks into opening account
2.drop box and key hidden ask a minister who knows if you need to know
3.need to obtain 1 or two wallets to be used during open hours .. to be carried by minister on duty keep making collection notes in ledger(all other money remains locked)
4.end of shift put cash and wallets in lock box
5.Get drop box working and when available make drop in box, leaving $35 for change(10 $1s, 3 $5s, and 1 $10)

Opening and Closing: accountable
2.use the Wiki (or is this an obsolete method)
3.closed on sat (work parties instead) until Oct 1st or end of GPF when you arrive on wed (cat should not feel obligated)
5.if you need to leave at the end of your shift close the church.

GAP progress postponed

Peter Warwick
1.he doesn't hate us justs wants communication an what is being built.

Work party:
1.flag out boundary and possible mock up
2.moving organization and prep work shed filing cabinet organize and possibly add shelves see matt's plan
4.major organizational or process changes need to be emailed to the ministry list
5.Signage needed desperately!!!!
6.Handbook needed desperately!!!!

May 16, 2008

Facilitator: ReV Jason
Note taker: jason? others...
Attendance: Matt, Matt, Robbie, Jan, pxl, Cat, Darach, Ty, Janaki

1. Fundraiser
2. Treasurer
3. EH&S and work party
4. Site marking
5. Reimbursements

Sell stuff: buttons $1, thrift Ts $10, recycled Ts $15, hoodies $20, patch kits $2, stickers $.25
raffle at 11 pm, bike dance at 10:30
bike dance prize: metal human sculpture
raffle prizes: 1. fixie bike 2. roadster bike 3. bike trainer 4. art by pxl 5. art by ryan 6-14 goody bags
set up schedule for manning the door and merch tables
matt and jason announce raffle winners

meeting with eh&s on monday at 3 pm — please come if you can

Work party
wheel and tire wall will be built saturday from 2 to 6, need help and materials

Solar stuff
We got a lot of the solar equipment donated!! cheers, more money for the lean tos!!

Site marking
Ty will mark the site with flags and paint and fencing. he needs $20 or so for paint and flags possibly. approved.

Rabbie Matt is leaving us for a grand bicycle trip across the country so we need a new treasurer. Robbie volunteered to treasure. We all approved.

We spent about 1500 dollars on stuff for the fundraiser. Bring receipts to Matt to get your money back.

May 2, 2008

Facilitator: Janaki
Note Taker: Matthew Sattva
Attendees: Monk Fixit, Rev. Jason, Count Darach, Brother Jan, Eric Van Welder, Acolyte Emily, Matthew Sattva, and Pxl.

1. Dance Party update
2. Sustainability grant update
3. ASUCD update
4. GAP- Past, present, and future
5. EH&S- Plan and presentation items
6. Summer Time Closure
7. Money box discussion
8. Choice of bikes

May 16th DOV- Raffle for two bikes, T-shirts, stickers, and patchkits

Due Wednesday May 7th. Asking for $ for structural and organizational improvements

Pxl announced possible donation to Bike Church

Contact made- can we be associated?
Positives: 501-C3 in place, funding
Negatives: On the radar of UCD, extra expenses could occur (ex: EH&S fees)
Neutral: Work with housing on space, work with Bike Barn for co-existance

Brush clearing started- need to have bikes moved to continue

ADD TO GPF, MAY- Project area clean out- Jan & Darach & (?)

Minister Training- Volunteer focused meetings to be scheduled

Bike Blessing- Thanks and praise for the success and exposure

Site Plan- Preliminary plan shown and location of Bike Bone Yard and Main Dome approved! Location of other structures to be determined.

Volunteer Management Plan- Volunteer specific meetings, use MMU for outreach

Burning Bike Festival- After May (30th) critical mass- bike dancing, bike burning, skits

Wheel and Tire Wall- To be built at 17th work party (MS and Jan and ?)

Approval to show site plan and GPF plan to show group intention approved.

Approval granted for BIKE CHURCH CLOSURE ON SATURDAYS for GPF work partys. Bike Church will be open on Wednesdays.

Plan to define roles and protocol for money- Jan, Sarah M., and Fixit

Proposal to accept near complete (needing only one simple repair) Magmas, Huffys, and Roadmaster type bikes approved. This will set a filter standard to help avoid collection of lower quality bikes.

April 18, 2008

Attendance: Jason, Robbie, Ty, Chris, Jan, Cat, Darach, Jonathan, Sarah

General announcements

Join the parade for Picnic Day

Unitarian Church doing “Bike to Church” Day. Anyone that wants to join up, go for it.


Unless otherwise noted, all actions below were approved.

Bike Kitchen Funding


Green Book

Signout Book

Nonprofit Status

Master Grant

Donation Signage

Dance Party Fundraiser

ASUCD Reserach

Minister Training


Carpet Work Areas


Bike Frame Fundraiser

Waste Bin Labeling/Small Parts Recovery

Totes for Tools

Bike Classes

Volunter Plan

Site Plan

Still need to discuss next time:

Outreach plan

General Signage

Handwash Station

Self-service station

Tool Totes

Mobile Ministry Unit

Waste management

April 13, 2008

attendance: Matt MC (Facilitator), jason, sarah, matt s, jan, robbie, chris

April 4, 2008

Bike Church Meeting Notes
@ Davis Domes
Pastor Jason Presiding
Friday 4th April 2008

Our Mission Statement, What is it and what should it say? It should encompass who, where, how, what and why.

Who: Volunteers Where: Davis, California and the surrounding community How: Through teaching
What: Empowerment, resource conservation, and cultivating a community bike culture. Why: Freedom to have cheap transportation

Eric Vangelran said, “We are empowering people to maintain their own bikes in order not to spend money in this capitalistic society.”
Matt McCorcle thought we should be cultivating Community

Problems and Proposals:

Security, the Church perimeter is not defined. Suggested solutions; a bike frame fence and enclosure of the dome workshop. Matt S.

Another idea was to possibly lock the Church or to lock up projects with a long cable. Someone else suggested having individuals lock their own projects so that all projects wouldn’t need to be unlocked each time an individual project needed attention Rev. Jason mentioned that we needed a time sensitive labeling system/policy for projects, so that materials don’t languish when church members leave or lose interest.
There was also discussion of delegation of projects to smaller responsible groups for more expeditious resolution. The idea was put forth that each micro group should have some autonomy as long as what they did was within church guideline and served the greater good. Others felt that decisions should be reviewed by comity.

Rev. Ty felt we need a “Get it done” plan so that progress can be made. And Sara M. added that we need rules for what type of decisions need to go before a comity.

Erik spoke about The Great Pedal Forward and Brainstorming and organization of ideas.

Jonaki suggested sheet mulching for weed control. Cat shared some thoughts on rain covering for the materials and project areas and Brian suggested a designated R&D area.

Matt M. suggested a site plan by May. Matt S. passed around a proposed site plan drawing.

BC meeting notes 4/4/08

Ty N. said we need solid floors for the structures.

Matt S. said he’d spoken with Peter Warwick, University Environmental Health & Safety Representative about EH&S matters concerning the Church area.

Solar power installation was discussed briefly and the development of a public relations plan.

Friar Robby thought we should have a Church Handbook by July

The idea of an introductory handouts and/or signage was talked about.

Sara thought an administrative plan and a running chore list would be helpful in better utilizing volunteer time.

There was also discussion of producing a bike repair pamphlet and a Davis Bike Church “Tract”,
something to hand to people here and at PR functions, etc.

Other ideas suggested and by whom were:

Plans for pouring and adobe type floor by January – Chris

A new radio spot for KDVS by July – Robby

This Monday @ 5 PM, The Bike Radio Show

We should explore outreach to other groups – Sara

U-tube video – Chris

Dance Party - ?

Fund raising; Get help from the Bike Kitchen by May. They have money for assistance.

October Bike Co-op meeting, San Francisco “Bike, Bike”

Donation plan signage by June

BC meeting notes 4/4/08

Maybe something like the Bike Kitchen has, $30 annual membership / $30 to build one / $5 a day

Question was asked, Could we operate as a non-profit on UC property? Can a 501C3 organization charge membership fees?
What are the legalities for fund raising?

Organization of parts

Need for Church non-profit Status – Robby

EH&S solutions – Matt D.

A goal of $20K by July possibly through grants and other fund raising methods

Sara said we need a master grand written

Bike to School – April 24th

Sustainable Transportation Fair, May 20th

We should have a Bike Blessing Ceremony on a Saturday or Sunday in conjunction with the one being held on the East Coast. – Matt S.

The need for more fund raising

Minister training day once a quarter or repeating monthly. – Chris C.

This could turn into a fund raising and bike training class and also turn into a regular event. – Pxl

We need a volunteer labor usage plan and a more obvious process for newcomer involvement. - Sara

In conclusion, people were encouraged to come up to the board and add their name to the project or projects in which they wanted to participate.

Present were, Jason, Jake, Jonathan, Janaki, Cat, Chris C., Chris S., Darack, Erik,
Ty N., Ty S., Matt M., Matt S., Brian, Robby, Sara, Pxl, and Jan

March 17, 2008

Bike Notes Meeting 3-17-08

Matt McC, Matt, Eric, Robbie, Ty, Chris, Jason, Jonathan, Janaki

Reports on Different Scenarios

Aggressive Face Lift


Replicating Yurt/Dome Improvements



Bank account

Reproduction models

3 scenarios for discussion

Proposal: Stay in existing location and put all our efforts toward making the site great and functional. Then, look into reaching out to other community organizations. Yay!

Proposal: Chris will head up making signs and changing space over break. Yippie!

Proposal: Matt will head up finishing perimeter fence over break. Whoo hoo!

Proposal: Meet Friday, April 4th (first week of quarter) at Bike Church, meet at 6, party at 9. Jason will facilitate; everyone is to bring ideas categorized in short (end of spring quarter), medium (end of summer), long term (after that), and say how they address problems. Yes!

March 10, 2008

Bike Church Meeting Notes 3-10-08

Proposal: put a new wiki page on the bike church website to edit the mission statement (eric will do it)

Ideas to solve the list of problems:

Guiding comments

Clean. Manicured...

the physical quality of the space, the structures, the flatness of the ground, the waterproofness of our structures, will translate directly into how people will treat our space and how they behave there.

What population are we serving? A woman from the women's shelter wanted to learn more about the church – should we reach out to other community-based groups?

How much does the location affect who we reach?

The tipping point – NYC – terrible crime in the subway for decades, tried all kinds of enforcement efforts, and everything failed, and then finally, they went on an aggressive campaign to get rid of graffitti to repaint the cars everyday, for a year, and doing it everyday changed the culture.

social organization

a minister manual

congregation sign-in sheet – name, date, time in, time out, cleaned up?, donated?, comments/your email?

Non-profit – many of these problems require money – keeping it under your mattress isn't the way to do it, whether we're under a nonprofit or start one ourselves, we can get those ways to handle the funding stuff.

Comparison of staying on campus and working with the Uni vs moving to a different location and working with other community-based groups

Minister mentorship – follow someone along a shift

dedicate ourselves to a really aggressive campaign to keep the place clean and organized in the near-term- in order to change the culture.

Give everyone a training to get acquainted with the shop when they first come

We need a big entry sign that tells people what to do, and signs on parts and trash, recycling, etc.

sustainable signs

self-service station back up

a trifold pamphlet with a map

Real structure, bathroom, bike racks (hanging?), handbook.

Physical space

Clear out the shrubbery (acacia and grassy bamboo), do some nice landscaping between the church and the street

A really well-defined space – a space for stuff, a space for working, a space for keeping empty

decomposed granite as opposed to concrete

making our infrastructure more permanent

poured adobe floor during the summer

having storage containers that clearly contain and label things

have separate piles for bikes that can be built into a whole bike vs parts bikes

fundamental standards to decide whether its work keeping to build or is just for parts

a visitors guide: a typical visit at the bike church, basic protocols, who to contact, etc.

as bikes come in, strip them down to base components

see a need for much more indoor space

a regular day of the week to clean up the church?

A permanent solution to the storage problem -

materials flows – input/output

there's a lot of extra stuff there all the time

how many people do we want to serve?

Specialized gives out tire recycling bins


who are we serving?

Are we moving on from the bike church, or...

we need to prioritize and have a couple of different groups

if we stay at the domes, what do we expect to see by the fall?

If we don't stay, we need to come up with something else?


Next week on Monday 8pm at N st., meet at the butterpat

add janaki @ to the listserv

let's see more clear cut ideas for other places to move the bike church

facilities we can envision at the location we're at now

March 8, 2008

Attendees: Sarah M., Pxl, Robbi M., Chris C., Johnathan W. (Facilitator),
Darach, Eric Van Scooter, Jason M., Matt S., and the Holy Spirit...

1. Bike Church Visualization
Round-table discussion occurred regarding what each person envisioned the
Bike Church to be. These main points were that the Bike Church be a place

-People can help each other, share skills, and empower each other in fixing
and repairing their own bicycles.
-Resource use and reuse emphasized and practiced.
-Tools are shared and learned to use correctly.
-Bicycle repair is taught not done as a service.
-Sustainable bicycle/human powered culture is cultivated.
-Waste is given another chance at reuse.
-Getting as many people riding their bikes is paramount.
-The idea where the disconnection from knowledge is smashed.
-A place where one can shout "Boom Shakalaka Gaia".
-A place where community can be built through the communication of
knowledge and the practice of sustainable/recycled transportation.

Tentative Bike Church Mission Ideas:
The Bike Church is a place where teaching, service to others, the use of
shared tools, the empowerment through doing things yourself, and the use of
recycled materials occurs through a community focused on sustainable

2. Obstacles/Problems of the Bike Church
-Bike Church physical space is not controlled (open 24hrs).
-No plan of action in place to bring in new Ministers.
-No secure places to store all the parts at the site.
-System in place to meet the E,H,&S needs.
-Organizational plan and signage needed.
-Lack of committed people.
-Feng Shui of Church is "bundled".
-No clear place for projects.
-No good waste stream protocol.
-Physical foundation needed.
-Legal, money handling process needed.
-No bathroom or water facilities.

3. Next Meeting
-Clarification of "Broad Ideas" to meet mission goals.
-Bring ideas on how to solve the above problems.

NEXT MEETING 8/10/08 8:00pm Pierce Coop


October 5, 2007

Attendance: Eric, Jason, Chris, Simion, Ted, Siobhan, pxl, Robbie, Ty, Joseph, Tom



Dome covering



Work party ideas

Regular meetings


Jobs Table

Title Minister in Charge Notes
Tool Master ??????? ?
Shop Master Congle roshi ?
Dome Master Eric Dome structure and Maintenance
Minister Schedule Whip Deacon Ty There's something amiss here!
Workshop Coordinator Shea! ?
Treasurer Rabbi "The Whip" McCorkle ?
Spreadin' the Word siobhan roshi incl. T-shirts, posters, badges etc
Order Master Pasture Ted ?
Party Master Simion ?
Email Master Friar Robbie ?
Bikebrarian ???????Simion? ?
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June 19, 2007

Agenda (10 minutes each)
Treasury, Order, Nonprofit Status, Bank Account, Post Office, Trek Auction, Summer Hours, Motivation, Ordination

Morgan, Ted, Cat, Tai, Jason, Justin, Ty, Eric, Matt, Chris, Josh, Ian, Christoff

Tai: Got $850 in coffers, but money floating around.
Jason: Here's $100. Alec owed $25 from last order; did he pay?
Eric: I owe $270. Will pay when I get paid.
Ted: I got $10.
Tai: We owe Chris about $1000-$1200. I proposed by email earlier this week that for retroactive reimbursements they be seconded by a party not involved and it would go through if no one raised any objections at the next meeting.
Ted: You're taking the full risk upon yourself if you buy something hoping to be reimbursed.
Jason: Should we have a limit on retroactive reimbursements?
Tai: The only danger is that it puts the group in a funny place where they feel obliged to reimburse stuff that they otherwise wouldn't have wanted.
Eric: I think it;s a good idea in that it cuts through bureaucracy and it makes us flexible and allows us to work.
Tai: Maybe a $100 cap. Under that you just need a second, and the Treasurer will disburse. Over and it needs to be talked about.

Outstanding reimbursements
Jason: I need $40 for festival beer and $45 for a post office box 72651 to get a bank account .
Ted: I need $249 for a toolbox.
Tai: I propose that you bring the toolbox in.
Eric: And you should bring in the receipts.
Ted: I also need $140 for constructing the MMU.
Tai: I just want to say that's the coolest addition to the Church since it's inception and support its reimbursement.
Chris: Let's send a test mail to 1 Baggins End.
All reimbursements approved contingent on showing of receipts.

Jason: We can do one
Morgan: I'll head it up. Contact me and I'll compile it. I think we want to create a policy that reflects this ,plus that right before I put the order in I'd collect the all the money up front. Then we can do orders at least once a quarter, which might be contingent on getting non-profit status.
Jason: I have a hook-up so that we don't even need non-profit status.
Ian: It's good to have multiple sources.
Morgan: I also know the Bike Chef owner. So I'll send out an email saying all this. Also let me know if you see anything that the Church needs, let me know.
Ian: Is there a master list of stuff that continually gets replenished? Maybe there should be.
Chris: It might be cool to make a map of where stuff is kept which is.
Ian: That would start with a database.
Tai: Well, that would be cool; we first need to keep things in a regular place.

Non-profit status/PO box
Jason: We can get an account at First Northern, but we need someone to put up their SSI.
Tai: Unfortunately, it means someone attaching their tax status to that of the Church's fortunes.
Chris: I have my own account at UCSE Credit Union, which we can use now that the Church can get mail.
Jason: Travis said he tried to deposit checks made out to Bike Church and couldn't deposit them.

Chris: Kerry Shaw wrote us a set of instructions to getting NPS, choose a name ,articles of inc, federal/state tax filing, etc.
Josh: I found it very easy to get a small business license.
Chris: WE are now on the official City of Davis bike map.
Ian: Is there a spot for Bike Art on that map?
Justin: I'm down for the NPS committee.
Ted: Question would be, how do we want to incorporate? If we have a board and no insurance, then there's liability. No board, no liability. We've started Davis Bicycles, which if the Church was under its wing then it would streamline insurance ,paperwork , etc., but then there's also the risk of neglecting some units to the benefit of others.
IO: How feasible is this?
Ted: Pretty good. The Vancouver Bike Co-op was a shop, advocacy group ,etc. ,which worked great ,but I also worked for a similar org that fucked up its units.
Chris: The Santa Cruz Church/Hub/PedX is another example of how that can work well.
Ted: Sounds good, I just want to make sure that we can consider the alternatives of how we incorporate and make sure that no one gets shafted.
IO: Bylaws are also a good way to make sure this all happens well.
Tai and Ted would like to be on the committee.

Minister Workshops
Ted: We could do an 8-hour training course to improve our own Ministry.
IO: We could have an Elvis teach.
Josh: We could also use a list of human resources in terms of specific skills of each Minister. and availability and orientation; perhaps just a bike-centric bio next to each picture.
IO: You should get a gold medallion for each class you teach.
Everyone wants to learn, some ready to teach.
After much deliberation...
Saturdays 10-12 are good for workshop. Ted will send out an email request for teachers offering.

Trek Auction
Morgan: I'll handle it. We should be able to get $150 for it.

New Hours
Chris: We should make a rule that you only get access to the bulk order if you take at least 2 shifts a month.
Jason: What if we change the combo every quarter at a meeting.
Eric: It seems like this won't happen. Tool theft is minimal and I don't see this happening regularly and would be annoying.
Chris: I think that it's good for it to be annoying so that it's a friendly reminder. The combo should be changed anyway as a security measure. Just because it didn't happen last time we agreed to, doesn't mean that it won't.
Proposal passes with a single standaside. Jason will email everyone that there's a new combo, and the wiki will reiterate. Folks will contact Jason
Chris: The point of changing the combo is to let everyone know who is part of the combo.
Eric: At least post two phone numbers on the shed of people who know the combo.
Jason and Chris volunteer.

Ted: Shall we have someone to rustle up ministers once per month?
Jason: Yeah, sounds good. I'll coordinate that.

IO bows out but wants to voice support for trailer development

New Hours
Wednesday and Saturday 4-8, workshops 2-4 on Saturday. Jason will update outreach.

Ted: I'm opening an East Davis branch of Bike Church in my driveway 4-7 Thursdays 1339 Duke using the MMUs. Also, I'm restarting the BUG; meeting at Fri at 1:30 at the MU taco bar.

Ty is ordained as Deacon Ty. There is much rejoicing.

April 7, 2007

Present: Chris (facilitating), Justin (notetaking), Fix-It, Arlen, Morgan, Nate, Abhi (guest)



Abhi: My bike was stolen from the project area.

Chris: We decided last meeting to not allow any non-ministers here off-hours. We'll send out a call for your bike.

Fix-It: I procured a lockbox that we can bolt down to keep our money in. Also, Ive found the shed unlocked seven times in the last two months.

Chris: Let's change its combo.

Non-profit Status

Chris: I'm working on getting 501(3C) status for us soon.

Fix-It: You can use Cindi at Grace House as a resource for this process.

Chris: We need our Treasurers, Tai and Jason, to do deposits more often though, preferably after every shift.

Tool Theft Prevention

Chris: We should think about keeping clients' ID's while they're using our services, and certainly being better about maintaining the sign-in sheet and what tools are used each day.

Shift Concretization

Chris: We should have all Ministers sign up for specific shifts and commit to them, especially since we just made a major promotion drive.

Nate: I'd be glad to sign up, although I don't have a lot of bike skills.

Permanent Structure

Chris: Student Housing noticed our “tarp-drying rack” and gave us tacit approval. I've been working for the past two years for a joint development (yurt) permit for both the Domes and ourselves. There's also a historic house downtown that we could get moved on site.


Chris: Notice that there's a new “sacred calendula patch” by the protected water access valve. We have to maintain open access to this valve by regulation, so let's all remember this.


Present: Jason Moore, Ted Buehler, Siobhan [ ], Justin Ellerby, [ ]

Agenda- just one item: Brainstorm
Project Brainstorm
- Improve entrance
welcome/demarcation sign
solve lack of visibility
? arrows, yellow brick road?


October 14, 2006


Tai, Matt, Siobhan, Eric, Sol, Jason


Work Party Tasks Completed

April 1, 2006


Travis, Alec, Ted, Pxl, Luis, Tai, Jason


Work Party Tasks Completed

March 5, 2006


Tai, Jason

Work Party Tasks Completed

February 18, 2006


Jason, Matt

Work Party Tasks Completed

February 4, 2006


Tai, Jason


Work Party Tasks Completed

January 21, 2006


Tai, Jason, Matt, Travis, Eric, Bryce


Work Party Tasks Completed


October 8, 2005

Today was a charmed day at the bike church. From 1 to 4:30 a dozen or so believers hummed around blessing the church with organization and functionality. Pile bikes were cleared from paths, neatly stacked, and labeled “pick and pull”. The giant wooden sawhorse was designated as a project bike safe heaven. Bikes in this area cannot be used for parts. The tool box was moved inside and secured in an upright position, as originally intended. It will also have a combination lock. Many other great improvements were also made. Check it out.


Minister Congleton reiterated the churches vision primarily stressing that the bike church is a place where people learn to fix their own bikes, not where the go to have someone fix it for them.


There will be a cash box to be locked with the tools or a drop box where patrons can leave their donations. Minister Kurt is responsible for the offerings box. Offerings are by the hour, week, month, lifetime, and for specific parts or bikes. Check the whiteboard for rates. Minister Travis will open a bank account with USE Credit Union. He and Minister Congleton will have access to the account. Their responsibilities will include depositing offerings and making tools/supplies orders.

Membership Cards

Patrons become members when they make the appropriate offering. Ministers will initial the membership cards with an expiration date. Apprentice Takemura will design and produce membership cards in the near future.


Ministers to be will spend a transitory period as an apprentice. This period includes five shifts with a Minister.


The tool box is now lockable. Ministers will be informed of the combination after they write a two page essay about their faith in the Bike Church. Just kidding, wait for an email. Minister Kurt will manifest a chain with a “Sorry, we’re closed. Come back soon!” sign that will be strung across the threshold of the Church when service is not being held. Minster Seitzler will be investigating another lock box for cables and other equipment.

Self Service Station

Minister Congleton and Apprentice Jason will be manifesting a self service station near the street. The station will include a non mud ground surface, pump, and basic tools to be chained to the spot.


The Church schedule is 1 to 4 every day of the week except Saturday. Ministers will rotate Sunday shifts and hold a weekly shift. More than one minister per shift is a good idea.

Opening and Closing Procedures

Upon opening the Church, Ministers should sign in and clear their mind. Obviously, all tools must be returned to the tool box and locked up with the money box when closing. Please leave the Church cleaner than it was before you came.

Hallelujah and praise the spoked wheel.

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