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This page lists any Bike Swaps in the area. Some people would like to know about any Bike Swaps on the West Coast but we should probably keep it to within a day's drive of Davis, but if you know of one, just list it here anyway so we can get a good list going. It's very very easy to miss these, usually because advertising for the events is poor. If you have information on related events, such as bike shows, swaps, expos, races, rides, or any other bicycle events, please put them on this page.

Upcoming Bike Swaps

* Bike-a-Palooza — Bike show, sale and swap — Saturday, October 29th, 2011 - Westlake Plaza, 1260 Lake Blvd, Davis, CA. Free admission, Set-up starts at 8 am, runs from 9 am to 2 pm
* SF Bike Expo — HUGE swap meet and vendor expo at the Cow Palace in San Francisco. November 10th and 11th. Gates open at 10am. Info at

Upcoming Bicycle Events

none listed

(Thank you - Bike swaps in Northern California [WWW]

Local Bike Swaps & Events

Davis Bike Swap/Foxy's Fall Century & Bike Swap
There is usually very little notice before this swap unless you are part of the bike club, so it's usually very small. This fall it coincided with Foxy's Fall Century ride. If someone could provide more information about this, it would be much appriciated.
Previous Date: Saturday, October 16 2010

Sacramento Bike Swap
Previous Date: Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sac Bike Swap In The Park
Previous Date: Saturday, April 10, 2010
[WWW] ([WWW]

Bike Swap Summer Party, San Francisco
[WWW] (Not sure if this is still going on, says it happens every August but references 2009 so it might be dead, [WWW]

Previous Swaps & Events

This information is here to remind us to look for these events again next year, please do not remove, and please post updated information when it becomes available

Other Bike Swaps and Events

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