Bill Richter's Cart Service

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1611 Donner Way, Woodland, CA 95695
and nearby spots
(530) 662-9550 or (530) 903-3917
Bill Richter
I'll Find your CARTS for you!

This is a business that is a vendor for various Supermarkets. What Mr. Richter does is shag the escaped four wheel buffalo. The cart service drives around and finds supermarket carts that have been unlawfully removed from the property of it's respective owner. Cart service will then return said carts to the store and retrieve a bounty per cart.

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2007-09-17 16:10:01   I had a rough encounter with Mr. Richter today. I was at work painting apartments, and people sometimes leave shopping carts nearby. It's common practice to go from apt to apt with a shopping cart (paint gets heavy). We threw a 5 gallon bucket of paint (50lbs), and our rigs and cut buckets into the cart and started walking to find and repaint the unit. On the way to the unit I was verbally accosted by Mr. Richter. He said the cart was safeways (which it is) and told us we had gone far enough. I said "Hold on sir, we have equipment in here, we need to take it out". He grabbed the cart handle and started yanking the cart backwards. After I grabbed the front to stop him, He spilled some paint out a bucket from jostling the cart. After we got the 5gallon bucket, and the equipment out he told us to get a job, despite the fact that me and my coworker were in painter whites. Then he tried to move off with the toolbox still on the bottom. He never once politely asked for the cart back, and was very rude, swearing repeatedly, and obviously trying to be intimidating. I personally think he's a poor vendor for people to use, if this is what he does on the regular. —StevenDaubert

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