Birch Lane Elementary School

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birchlane.jpg courtyard.jpgThe central courtyard.

Location 1600 Birch Lane
Principal Kathleen Tyzzer
Phone (530) 757-5395
School [WWW]
School PTA [WWW]
School PTA [WWW]
School Garden [WWW]
District one of the Schools in the DJUSD


Birch Lane Elementary is both a traditional school as well as a Montessori Public School. It has 7 Montessori classrooms with Montessori and California certified teachers, and is growing every year. The future growth will be community-interest driven. This is a great option for those looking for a Montessori option in the public school district. It is similar to both the Spanish Immersion program and Fairfield School in that, if you want Montessori, you register for this program specifically at school registration time in March, whether it is your home school or not. For more info on this, feel free to email Emily Ault at <ejault AT yahoo DOT com>. If she doesn't know the answer, she can point you in the right direction!

On April 14, 2011, Birch Lane Elementary made the national news when Teacher Librarian Lynne Sundstrom and her students went on a month-long campaign to respond to a New York Times article declaring the death of the picture book, culminating in having a [WWW]letter to the editor published in the NYT, along with a note from the editor and a [WWW]picture of the scroll on which the letter was written. According to the letter, the students read 4,590 picture books over the course of "Love a Picture Book Month." The Davis Enterprise also ran a [WWW]story on the NYT letter.

Birch Lane has the [WWW]highest rate of personal belief exemptions among public elementary schools in Davis Joint Unified School District, at 13 percent. The district average is 6 percent.

birdbath.jpgA pretty bird bath at the front of the school. mos1.jpgA mosaic at the school. mos2.jpgA pretty ocean-themed mosaic at the school.


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2009-05-31 18:58:54   My daughter goes to this elementary school. She says "I like this school. I like the people there, including my teacher and my friends." They have a good library, a great principal, and a great sense of community. —HazelWatson

2010-03-07 14:01:02   Montessori at Birch Lane web site: [WWW]

2010-06-15 20:38:04   We are so very fortunate to have the option of a Montessori education in a public school. Our entire family benefits from this, and we love being part of the Birch Lane Community. —npguistino

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