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''2008-07-06 21:29:35'' [[nbsp]] Found the place today. Much more comfortable and larger store. Not a ton in there right now, but they look to be heading in the right direction and the staff is cool. Over by the T-mobile on G street. --["Users/kyle2008"]


Davis Location
706 5th St. (between F and G) next to Kosmos Kreations Salon
11 AM - 7 PM Monday - Saturday
12 PM - 7 PM Sunday


Woodland Location
505 Main Street

Your friendly local comic book, card and game store. The chaps that run this place are really nice and, as you'd expect, know a lot about comics. They have a moderate selection of current comics, older comics (some for really cheap), along with manga and graphic novels. They also carry toys and [wikipedia]cards ([wikipedia]Magic type games), as well as various books, figurines, and dice for Roleplaying games. There is also a small selection of board games which include some uncommon ones as well as heavily discounted used ones.

You can park in the lot behind from F street or at the Taco Bell on G Street


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I've had nothing but good experiences with this place. —PhilipNeustrom

2005-02-02 12:25:36   Very friendly staff, they even remember what I like. —AmeliaCarlson

2005-02-02 21:53:50   Not as expansive as other stores (for example, Comic Relief in Berkeley), but I agree: very friendly and helpful. Support independent businesses! —CentralDavisite

2005-06-22 17:22:26   Their dice selection is ample and prices reasonable. You're not going to find much rare stuff, but it's a good basic RPG supply shop for sure. —BrandonKeene

2005-08-03 18:42:52   Friendly staff but the folks running the place do seem more interested in Magic and RPG's than comics. Sometimes it is difficult to pull them away from a game they are playing to ask a question or buy something. For a comics shop, there is much to be desired, especially in the way of stock and selection (apparently the person that wrote the description above hasn't been to a "real" comics shop). Unfortunately they are about the only place to go locally for comics but if you are into RPG's they've got you covered. —HollywoOd

2005-08-14 18:58:29   Good times. Good conversations, and tons of comics. The Magic cards they have are by far the cheapest in the area and they are willing to deal if you're paying with the green stuff. I used to be a regular, but since moving to Sac can only make it town once a month and this is the only place I go. —WesOne

2005-09-29 20:35:51   I think that for it's size, this shop packs a wallop. The staff has always been friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. —JoseGonzalez

2006-02-17 00:13:23   I just bought some dice here. The guy was friendly. There was a poor selection of figurines for D&D though. —KenjiYamada

2006-08-18 14:17:42   I would agree that it isn't much of a comic book store, but as a card and rpg store, it is fantastic, the people are helpful, the stuff is cheap, and they have great stuff going on (magic drafts). —TimMcIntyre

2007-10-31 22:38:23   A previous commentor implied that it wasn't a "real" comic book shop, but I have been there in person and I can assure you that it does in fact exist and is neither hallucination nor illusion. It's better than the comics shop back home, and the staff is friendly and helpful. I went in there with a vague idea of what I wanted ("umm...that Batman in Victorian England, or something...") and he knew exactly what I meant and where it was. There are also some fine deals, both for comics and manga, and the widest selection of RPG books I've ever seen in my limited experience. It is most certainly adequate for the casual comics/manga fan. —DerkB

2008-03-15 11:02:04   The one time I went there for a magic sealed tournament, the prices were ridiculous, the prizes sucked, and the staff wasn't that friendly. —EliYani

2008-03-24 22:42:38   the dude OWNs. hes hella nice. and he likes magic, knows his comics, and will talk to u bout other random topics if you ask him. i always enjoy my visits here. —albertvo

2008-07-04 22:23:35   There used to be a guy named Wes that worked here. He doesn't anymore and the owner sucks. Some new girl now that doesn't know anything about comics at all. Heard there's another shop that's bigger and closer to downtown. I'm going to look for it and hope it's better. My thought is this: If you have no other choice go here, but if you want a relaxed experience with no griping about how the owner is "getting f***ed" all the time try to find something else. —kyle2008

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