Blain Jacobson DMD CAGS

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114 E Street
next to the downtown parking garage
M-Sat by appointment
(530) 756-5566
Blain Jacobson DMD, A Professional Dental Corporation
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Dr. Blain Jacobson provides orthodontic services in Davis. According to the staff's mission statement, they strive to provide personalized care, a cutting edge facility, and affordable services.

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2011-08-04 11:28:08   Dr. Jacobson is an excellent orthodontist. Very smart, nice, great with kids, and caring. Top notch! —Chamoudah

2012-02-09 17:00:26   After two and half years of treatment, Dr. Jacobson created so many new problems for my wife's teeth. Dr. Jacobson asked my wife to extract four teeth to make space without any measurement (He said he measured by his eyes and has absolutely no record for the measurement and calculation). The worst thing is that he cannot seal the gap after the tooth extraction. To try to fix the gap problem, Dr. Jacobson eventually made her lower front teeth lean inward and her upper front teeth outward. Now my wife has to hire a second orthodontist to fix the problems created by Dr. Jacobson and probably need to implant four teeth back. When she asked Dr. Jacobson to get our money back and pay for the follow up treatment, he laughed at her. So if ever you want to hire him to fix your teeth, good luck with that! —Gregx

2012-02-10 22:20:14  

2012-03-07 18:14:26   I am very pleased with my results, I really enjoyed my experience at Jacobson Orthodontics. Dr. Jacobson is very professional,knowledgeable,kind and patient. I very much appreciated all the individualized care Dr.Jacobson spent on my treatment. I definitely was shocked to see the outrageous comment that other person seems to be leaving everywhere since my experience was so opposite, I found getting other dental work done very easy because Dr.Jacobson would always work with my dentist, once he and his staff came in just to see me on his day off so I could make my dental appointment before a vacation. I agree with the other comment, Dr. Jacobson is top notch! Very smart , nice, great with kids and caring. Jacobson Orthodontics is the place to go if your looking for superior orthodontic care with a warm , fun , friendly environment . —RoseEdwards

2012-04-01 12:24:47   VERY HAPPY with my results, Dr. Jacobson is a wonderful Orthodontist! He really seems to put a lot of extra care and attention when it comes to patient treatment. I remember how careful and thorough Dr. Jacobson was when examining my teeth during treatment, he once noticed a few problems that my dentist recently missed. I can't thank Dr. Jacobson enough for giving me such exceptional care, he was so patient ,kind, professional and just a REALLY NICE PERSON. My experience at Jacobson Orthodontics was extremely pleasant, very easy to schedule appointments around work , nice office and staff. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a great Orthodontic experience! —Bella28

2012-06-15 19:35:04   I came in to get new retainers because they were not fitting properly. I have to say that I am really impressed with Dr. Jacobson. He is extremely honest and could have easily told me that I needed new retainers (and they cost an arm and a leg!).. instead he insisted that my old retainers were fine and just needed some adjusting. They fit perfectly now. Really happy with my experience. He is also very knowledgeable and down to earth! —MariaNguyen

2013-03-06 20:44:35   Most of what needs to be said about Blain Jacobson can be found in the prior comments. He is a shady and unprofessional orthodontist who accordingly belongs at the bottom of anyone's list. I immediately got a bad vibe when I first walked into his office, which was a very cluttered, uncomfortable little room with chairs that look like they were bought at a garage sale. The staff were rude and unfriendly possibly because it was before noon. Jacobson himself seems indifferent toward you as a person, makes assumptions about you, and (as already mentioned by others) does seem to remember or write down what happened at previous appointments. Not recommended. —TimothyFoster

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