Blue Polo Shirt Day


Blue Polo Shirt Day is a Department of Music holiday.

blue_polo_shirt_day_2001.jpgThe 2001 Festivities

Blue Polo Shirt Day began in 1996, during a brief encounter with D. Kern Holoman and three music majors wearing blue polo shirts. A week later, several music majors wore shirts and formed Blue Polo Shirt Day, a Department of Music holiday, celebrated until 2005.


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2006-12-21 17:09:16   what is Music Holiday? —StevenDaubert

2006-12-21 17:09:24   Which Department of Music? Is it yearly, weekly, random, or lunar in cycle? Does this page need a photo request? When did the tradition start, why, by whom? —JasonAller

2006-12-22 13:52:56   brah! —ArlenAbraham

2009-03-12 11:54:42   Whatever happened to Blue Polo Shirt Day? It only happened once (2004) when I went to UCD. —MargieHalloran

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