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     * Answering criticisms is part of being a business owner, just as answering grade complaints is part of my job, whether they are frivolous or justified. --["Users/CovertProfessor"]

This page is for discussing the contents of Boardwalk Apartments.

There appear to be some issues regarding this page. This is the place to discuss them!

Summary: sritern and MichaelMikey have great certainty that the comments here are without merit and just chop shop talk. How is Davis Wiki allowed to operate? The page has been restored. [WWW]This comment was left for sritern explaining why the page is being restored. Sritern un-bolded the problem comment on the page, and that was reverted as well, with [WWW]this explanation to Sritern. ... "And that's what happened on Glee!"

Comment copied here from TomGarberson's user page:
2012-02-01 10:45:32   appreciate it as well looking into that user "sbyun" with jabberwocky's direction/I believe it's safe to assume that Davis Wiki/Wiki Spot is here for positive reasons to give the REAL picture of Davis correct? —MichaelMikey

Great, I'm all for providing a great information site on Davis, but there should be guidelines don't you think Tom as there are biases for things left?..For example I can simply say "Tom Garberson, you're such an evil person, why did you steal mary's purse and beat her 7-year old grandkid? Moreover, Tom is a fan of Jerry Sandusky which brings doubts as well..That was such an awful thing, how can you live with yourself?...Now, of course, this is utter non-sense and just bogus and doesn't even make sense, but when people search they'll see "Tom Garberson associated with beating a grandma, kid, and sandusky" and majority of people just draw a conclusion that Tom is a person not associating with, when he in fact can't even defend himself as they'll already have their judgement in place?

Make sense? —MichaelMikey

I agree. For starters, this chat room style is not too credible. Tom Garberson can very well be unfairly associated with things that are incorrect. I'm sorry to say, but that is a fact. We go on trust just cause it is on the internet. That said, user: sbyun has comments every year from years 2007-2010. In fact, this user started the page and has only written personal and negative things. It is a personal hate page towards ali and michelle. Not sure who this is and this is clearly personal vendetta and harassment. Here is the userinfo: [WWW] You can archive if you want to have on file for legal threats should more of this continue. I am not Ali or Michelle.

It seems that businesses talk themselves into more problems than they talk themselves out of. -MikeyCrews

I don't agree with those userss comments addressing you Tom or anybody personally for that matter and was more addressing my issue how these msgs. boards foster these kind of bogus discussions and causes you to now have to even justify with a response since there are no guidelines to this site on cutting out bogus comments...Not trying to bully at all since again from what I see on your page you're a great family man, accomplished individual and upstanding citizen, but so are many other people that this site just serves as a spring board for hateful comments like what we're doing exactly on this conversation huh?

Oh sure WilliamLewis, I just read your question now..sbyun is making a claim that landlord breaks tenant right of having at least 24 hours notice and "he frequently checks in on the apartments and will appear when you least expect it." that's utterly false and just bogus, just like the claims to Tom here, but why is that still up there/have to be justified with a response like Tom has to be here or you in fact what about the posting that reads now that

[defamatory comment removed]

At PeterBoulay, this is my original statement exactly, lol, and thank you for elucidating my point where garbage is just spewed here..

In sum, please delete my comments about Tom and anything else hurtful, I'm honestly glad William you deleted that previous comment since I'm a person who promotes peace and respectful dialogue. Again, my relation to these people have no bearing on my argument where I very well can just be a concerned citizen who don't appreciate people having hurtful things said about them..Moreover, I don't like Tom, who again I've never met, being targeted and associated with bad things, and so instead of having him even have to defend his comment, think it should just be removed, but only if these comments about ali/michelle are and many other comments I've seen on this that so much to ask for simple fairness? why should Tom or you William have their name protected, but the innocent person who doesn't know how to operate this site have to suffer? —MichaelMikey

What I think you're missing is that it's longstanding practice on this wiki that, so long as the comments are not personal attacks (and these are not) or contain demonstrable falsehoods (and no one has shown that the claims are false), the comments stay. That way, pages for businesses reflect many different viewpoints about the business, both good and bad. Business owners are encouraged to respond in ways that show their professionalism and customer service — a good response can completely turn around a complaint like that, turning a negative into a positive. In short, you're fighting longstanding wiki practice that has good reasons for being the way that it is, and expecting the rules to be changed for this one case. That is not likely to happen. —CovertProfessor

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