Still waters at Lake Solano County Park

Boating can be a bit challenging within Davis because there are so few large bodies of water within city limits — most of the water in town is suitable only for paddle boating hand-launched vessels. Typically, rowing sculls and power boating must be done outside of Davis. Despite the dearth of suitable locations for the various types of boating, it remains a popular activity within our populace, so here we attempt to provide a listing of nearby waterways in which to boat.
  1. In Davis
    1. Flat Water Paddling
  2. Local
    1. Flat Water Paddling
    2. Rowing Sculls
    3. Sailing
    4. Power Boating
  3. Regional
    1. Flat Water Paddling
    2. Float Tubes
    3. White Water
    4. Rowing Sculls
    5. Sailing
    6. Power Boating
  4. Ocean
  5. Resources

In Davis

Flat Water Paddling


Not so far away... less than twenty miles

Flat Water Paddling

Rowing Sculls


Power Boating


Somewhat farther afield

Flat Water Paddling

Float Tubes

White Water

see Rafting

Rowing Sculls


Power Boating




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2005-11-16 10:27:08   I wonder how paddling and boating should work together. Right now they're very similar but I guess that they can stay seperate if they both get more information. In the future we might have a motor boating page, a paddling page, a waterskiing page, .... —JackHaskel

2006-06-05 19:24:51   I recommend Tower Park in the Sacramento Delta, it can be reached on HWY 12 from either end of the Delta. A campground, secluded inlet with docks, and a launch ramp not too far away. —KarlMogel

2007-04-19 07:11:29   i'm a new transplant to cali and davis...but does anyone know of opportunities for sailing and friendly regattas that are within an hour's drive time? i mean 420's, FJs, Mumm 30s, J22s, Melges 24, hobie cats etc.

cheers! —AshleyMarie

2009-07-20 14:13:32   Hi AshleyMarie. I'm from the Davis Sailing Team. Are you a student? If so we'd love to have you on the team. We race CFJs and Lasers on the collegiate circuit. If you are not a student we can set you up with our host club, Lake Washington Sailing Club, which is only 20 min away in West Sac. They have beercans every Thursday in the summer and regattas through out the year. —jadeeyes1113

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