Books and major media pieces about Davis


Books and media items about Davis


Davisville ’68 by Joann Leach Larkey, 1968
Growing Pains: Thirty Years in the History of Davis by Mike Fitch, 1998
Down Home Tales of Davis by Jean Jackman, 1999
Old North Davis: Guide to Walking a Traditional Neighborhood by John Lofland, 1999
Davis Heritage Buildings by John Lofland, 2000
Davis from the Inside Out: a Municipal Almanac by William D. Diemer, 2000
Demolishing a Historic Hotel: a Sociology of Preservations Failures in Davis, California by John Lofland, 2003
Davis: Radical Changes, Deep Constants by John Lofland, 2004
Justice Waits: The UC Davis Sweetheart Murders by Joel Davis, 2005


Mad Capers: Richard Brunelle's twenty-seven years at Davis High School by Judy Wydick, 1993
Those Who Make Memories by The Davis Enterprise, 1997

Race and society

DVD: [WWW]From the Classroom to the Community, documentary directed by Clifford Garibay, 2011

UC Davis

Abundant Harvest: The History of the University of California, Davis, by Ann F. Scheuring, 2001
University of California, Davis (Campus History) by Dennis Dingemans & Ann Foley Scheuring, 2013

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