Boss the Big Bit


Boss the Big Bit is Teddy Briggs, Andrew Bell, and Gonzalo Eyzaguirre - rocking live since April 2005 with their electic mix of electronic indie nintendo goodness. They usually have drums (or drum machine), keyboards, guitar and vocals. They're a fun party band and "Black Box" was high on the KDVS charts for summer 2005, mostly because they're friends with a lot of DJs but also because they rock so hard. The band formed in Davis, but now most (all?) of the band members live together in Sacramento, but still play shows in Davis.



listen to demo [WWW]

They rocked the turtle. Now they just have to rock the rest of Davis.



5/14 at Teddy and Andrew's Old Place


8/9 Upcoming G Street Pub Show


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2005-04-26 19:27:57   I think the next show will be the weekend after Whole Earth Festival. Who took these sweet photos and made this page? —AndrewBell

We are scheduled to play 4th of JUly @ Mick Mucus' house. (Tentative) Be prepared for a three song demo CD. I love our band. —TeddyBriggs

2005-11-18 03:37:04   these guys totally rocked my ass. plus the jumpsuits were totally awesome. —NathanDodd

2006-04-27 00:11:46   I like 1400 Calories a lot —BrianAng

2006-07-26 19:45:48   I have to say that 1400 Calories was pretty awesome too. —DatNguyen

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