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Davis Boy Scouts and Venturing are scouting organizations who used to have a cool Boy Scout Cabin; the Boy Scout Cabin lease was canceled and the City of Davis bought out the remaining lease because local troop leaders were unwilling to adopt an adult leadership policy in direct opposition to the national organization. The troop leaders feared that the national organization would merely cancel the troops' charters in response. Some of the troop leaders lobby heavily for a change in the national policy and helped drive the local council to adopt a progressive policy in comparison to the current national policy. Local troops have committed themselves to refusing to implement the national policy. No openly gay leaders or members have ever been removed from any troop in Davis due to their sexual orientation. The local troops are a part of the [WWW]Golden Empire Council. Atheists and agnostics have also been required to resign from scouting, as members and volunteers, and have had eagle scout rank denied. Some troops ignore this provision.

Effective January 1, 2014, the Boy Scouts of America has changed its membership policy to state " ...No youth may be denied membership in the Boy Scouts of America on the basis of sexual orientation or preference alone." [WWW]

Boy Scouts of America are the oldest of the scouting organizations in Davis, having been established in 1920.

Younger youth might be interested in the local Cub Scout groups.

All Boy Scout Troops and Venturing Crews in Davis cooperate every year to run the Boy Scout Christmas Tree Lot [WWW] For decades the lot was downtown at the Boy Scout Cabin, but after leaving in 2002 they have moved several times. They are now located in the vacant lot across from the South Davis Nugget and the South Davis Fire Station on the corner of Mace and Cowell Blvd. There is also an Autumn in the Park event organized by the Yolo Friends of Scouting.

Local Units

Active Boy Scout Troops

Active Venturing Crews

Defunct/Inactive Units

District Perpetual Awards


Camporee is a district-wide camping event wherein the various units in the district camp together in a single location, compete against each other in various scouting competitions, and showcase scout skills, spirit, and camaraderie.

Baden-Powell Award

The Baden-Powell award, named for the creator of Scouting, is awarded to the "Most Outstanding Unit" at Camporee.

2014 Troop 466
2013 Troop 466
2012 Troop 466
2011 Troop 466
2010 Troop 466
2009 Troop 466
2008 Troop 466
2007 Troop 111
2006 Troop 111
2005 Troop 111
2004 Troop 111
2003 Rain Out
2002 Troop 111
2001 Troop 111
2000 Troop 111
1999 Troop 111
1998 Troop 192
1997 Troop 192
1996 Troop 111
1995 Troop 111
1994 Troop 192
1993 Troop 192
1992 Troop 192
1991 Troop 192
1990 Troop 192

Order of the Arrow Cooking Contest

Klondike Derby

Klondike Ike


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2006-04-17 23:39:00   The way the main part of this entry is phrased, it sounds like the Boy Scout's national stand on Homosexuality is an act against humanity. —CarlosOverstreet

2006-07-15 08:02:22   Funny that you should say that... because it sure seems to be. This is coming from a former [sea] scout. —KarlMogel

2006-07-15 11:49:48   Is the policy a Don't Ask Don't Tell or do they actively try to determine the sexuality of their members? —SteveOstrowski

2007-11-12 14:26:44   There are serveral great Cub Scout Packs in Davis. Cubs Packs are generally, but not always, organized by geographic sections of Davis. The exceptions are that the LDS Church members tend to stick together, and Pack 111 has recurited boys from all around Davis. Cub Scouting is lots of fun for the boys, their parents, and their siblings. Often siblings, or both genders, and encouraged to participate in some Pack Activities. South and East Davis has Pack 75 [WWW]
West Davis has Pack 496 [WWW]
North and Central Davis has Pack 132 [WWW]
Central and loosely all of Davis [WWW]
The LDS Pack is [WWW]

Cub Scouts Packs are generally open to all boys from the First through the Fifth Grades.

2009-11-15 20:31:56   Hello — Who can tell me about young adult entry-level scouting? I am a young adult with (unfortunately) no previous scouting experience. I am a hiker and naturalist, and I would like to join some boy-scout-type group if any exist that will accept me. —GregPThrasher

2010-02-08 17:35:29   You can look into leadership/volunteer roles at any of the local troups, depending on your age. But if you are just looking for a outdoors club I would consider the sierra club. —matiasek

2012-10-19 11:16:56   Davis Scouts troops are listed twice in the "Perversion Files" recently released: [WWW] Troop 111 in 1990
Troop 193(no longer existent?) in 1986. —jinif

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