Beer, the nectar of the gods... these are the local establishments who make their own. If you are just looking for a place to buy some beer, you might try lists of grocery stores or check out the Bars. If you are a cheap college student you might be looking for Free Beer. Of course if you are feeling antisocial you can Brew your own beer or make your own wine.

Want too keep your experience fun, safe and enjoyable? Avoid the taboos.

Davis Breweries

Area Breweries

Area Cideries

For those who have not acquired the taste for beer, or want to try something different yet traditional, there is a growing presence of hard Cider in the region. Cider is beer-strength apple alcohol. Although fairly sweet by default, many micro-brew varieties have a range from sweet to dry and champagne-like. Cider has a history almost as long as Beer and was much more common than at present. Johnny Appleseed planted cider apples, not Granny Smith. UCD has a Pomology program and a Fermentation Science major, so perhaps there is a graduate student project waiting to happen studying ciders.

Departed Breweries

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