Buildings Breeding


bb.jpgPhoto shoot for Sacramento's SubMerge Magazine.


Buildings Breeding is a local band that debuted at Delta of Venus in October 2006. They are now based in Los Angeles. They are signed with [WWW]Devil In The Woods Records. The group is composed of:

Former members:

Their song Stacking Up Reasons, was the second track of the 2010 fundraiser collection Audioversity in the Little Tomato, and can be heard [WWW]here.

Releases and Photos

bb2.jpgBeesting single.

buildings_breeding_CB_cover.jpgColors Bent to Seasons. buildings_breeding_cover.jpg

bb4.jpgIn The Key of Calloused Fingers vinyl, 2009.

bb 1.jpgBuildings Breeding (l-r): Melanie Glover, Christapher Larsen, Evan Hart, Paul Bae." photo by EliseKane


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