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This page is for discussing the contents of Businesses. Note that this page was previously called ["Current Businesses"] and that some of the original discussion can be found [WWW]here.

Expand as more comprehensive directory?


Has there been any discussion about expanding this directory? I've been working on building out the Sacramento [sacramento]Business Directory. There's still a lot we need to fill in on that page, but it's a much more complete listing of business categories. Is this Davis list kept short for a reason? Would anyone object to making this into a more complete listing? For example, a few business categories we don't have on this Davis list that are on the Sacwiki list: Accountants, Animal care, Apartments, Auto Services/Repair, Banks, etc. —NicholasBarry

I suppose we could just pretty much copy over the whole SacWiki business directory to use as a template. And then just change the names of any of the categories that are named differently after the move. -SM

Btw, JW mentioned, "There were at least five people who chimed in with variations ranging from 'don't do it that way' to 'don't do it at all'. before the edits started." Who are these people?? And why didn't they express their opinions on the talk page from the get-go? I only saw William Lewis and JW directly criticize it before the editing began. And I assumed that JW didnt have strong feelings about after NB explained his point, because he replied that he wasn't naysaying the idea. That's why I find this frustrating. It seems like people just crawl out of the woodwork all at once after work starts. But maybe I'm missing earlier criticisms that were expressed in a different place? -SM

Ways to make it better

Rather than just discussing whether we should do this or not, let's also discuss how to improve the businesses page.


My procedures:

  1. Search for an existing category page (if it exists); link to that existing page.

  2. If no category page exists, create one and link to existing pages that fall within that category.

Categories that I/we still need to go through, which I've taken off the Businesses page until they're ready:

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