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Parvaneh (or Pari)

Butterfly Vegan is a vegan cottage food operation. They make vegan, low-fat, healthy, and tasty cookies, Muffins cakes, and pies. "Healthy is tasty" is what they believe at Butterfly Vegan Bakery. They have lots of gluten-free options. All their baked stuff is super low-fat, refined-sugar free (naturally sweetened) and diabetic-friendly.

They can cater you PARTIES. They also accept special orders; A gift box of vegan cookies or a super healthy and tasty birthday cake. They can make it for you! They also have a bicycle food delivery in Davis.

You can also join their Cookie Club to register for a weekly or monthly cookie delivery! It's GREAT!

They are a [WWW]Cottage Food operation which means they make their food in home, sell only food that are not likely to pose a health or spoilage risk, are registered with county and state, and have gross annual sales less than $40k.

The Food

Davis-ish Gift Box!.JPGDavis-ish Gift Box!

gift box with vegan cookies.JPGGift box with vegan cookies

pumpkin cinammon roll.jpgpumpkin cinammon roll

Peanut Butter Chocolate Cookies.jpgPeanut Butter Chocolate Cookies walnut jam cookies.jpgwalnut jam cookies chocolate pillows.jpgChocolate pillows oatmeal cookies.jpgOatmeal cookies cherry-almond cookies.jpgcherry-almond cookies Chocolate Snickerdoodle.jpgChocolate Snickerdoodle

Peanut Butter Blondies.jpgPeanut butter blondies

spice-nut cake.jpgSpice nut cake

Peach Pie.JPGPeach pie

Fig-Cranberry Pie.JPGFig-cranberry pie Three-Berry Pie.JPGThree-berry pie


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2013-04-23 22:04:45   I'm Parvaneh's husband and as you might expect I eat her cookies, pies, cakes, and brownies every day. They're delicious, but more than that they are really healthy. Parvaneh uses applesauce in place of oil or margarine and instead of refined sugar she uses coconut sugar or agave nectar. She'll work a recipe over and over until she can achieve, say, a creamy texture to brownies without using oil. I could go on extolling the virtues of my wife's healthy baking but as they say the proof is in the pudding. I'm six foot one and weigh 170 pounds. Pretty good for someone who is a baking company test subject! —AlexGray

2013-04-27 19:27:41   Parvaneh's baked items are scrumptious and healthy. She is very innovative. She makes these raw cookies with dates, nuts, and natural flavors such as saffron, ginger, etc. They are so good and addictive! Her healthy Nutella (hazelnut chocolate) is so delicious I can eat the whole jar in a day. I have also tasted her brownie. I had not been a fan of brownie till I tasted hers. It was excellent, and she made it with all natural ingredients. There are no chemicals, additives, white sugar, oil, etc. in her baked goods. Not only are they guilt free but taste awesome! I also highly recommend her home cooked meals. She uses fresh ingredients and customizes her food to your taste.

2013-04-29 14:36:58   Parvaneh's fudge was so delicious. I never thought vegan goodies would be this yummy. I also tried her healthy nutella which was heavenly . I could eat the whole jar in a day. She use all natural products without any additive. You will not be sorry to try her creative bake goods and food. —LalehMohseni

2013-10-31 16:48:13   We are so lucky to have Parvaneh cooking for us! It's been a year now that I placed a small ad at the Davis Co-Op for someone to help me and my husband eat healthy foods. We are both busy and I hate to cook. So a lovely young woman answered the ad and the rest is delicious! I have a long list of Favorite dishes in every category. The BEST include Stuffed Bell Peppers, Lasagna w/ Roast Cauliflower, Risotta, Spinach with/without gluten-free pasta, Classic Black Bean & Veggie Chili with Corn Bread, Buttermilk and Coconut Rice. She cooks vegetarian rather than vegan for us and spent several weeks recently cooking gluten-free. All her salads and dressings are great and some of the desserts we love are Carrot & Ginger Cake with Cashew Frosting, Blackstrap Ginger Snaps, Espresso Oatmeal Cookies (great!) and any of her fruit pies (gluten-free, too). It looks like they don't allow me to upload photos or I'd show you the o-so-nice Christmas gift box she surprised us with last year. I am so delighted that Parvaneh has taken this entrepreneurial path. It's an honor to know such a talented, hard-working and courageous person. ~Christine Golden, Woodland CA —ChristineLGolden

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