Buttons 'n Bears, Oh My!

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logo.jpg 2009 button.jpgThe 2009 Wiki Button was created by them.

105 E Street, Suite 2F
(916) 871-6708 (Ask for Buttons 'n Bears)
<buttonsnbearsohmy AT gmail DOT com>
[WWW]Facebook page
Jackson Murtha and Anna Hoban
Payment Methods
cash or check

Buttons 'n Bears, Oh My! makes [wikipedia]pinback buttons. They created the 2009 Wiki Button and sell their buttons at various Davis locations and Woodland.

Button prices:

1-10 Buttons $2.00
11-50 $1.50
51-150 $1.40
151+ $1.30

Magnet prices:

1-10 Magnets $3.00
11-50 $2.80
51-150 $2.70
151+ $2.60

Bears available upon request.


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2009-01-18 12:39:50   I just called the number and reached some sort of "employment services." I was hoping to get some buttons made, any ideas? —SunjeetBaadkar

2009-01-20 16:05:15   I really like the Obama button I got from these guys. —Kristin

2011-02-08 12:18:49   They were fantastic for a few hundred of my 2010 campaign buttons. THE best local option for buttons in my book. Joe Krovoza —JoeKrovoza

2012-08-07 15:37:05   I am very pleased with the buttons that I purchased from Jackson and Anna for my business. Great service and the end product is awesome! —CateKendall

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