Camper van Beethoven


While not technically a "Davis band," Camper van Beethoven is a significant Davis export because one of the creative forces defining the band's sound, Jonathan Segel, grew up in Davis and retains ties to the town; Jonathan is the son of Dr. Irwin H. Segel, UC Davis professor of molecular & cellular biology.

Self-described as "surrealist absurdist folk," band Camper Van Beethoven was formed in 1983 in Redlands, California by vocalist David Lowery, guitarist Chris Molla and bassist Victor Krummenacher. When the group moved to Santa Cruz later that year, Camper quickly added drummer Anthony Guess, guitarist Greg Lisher and Jonathan Segel. Jonathan's violins, keyboards and mandolin helped provide the band's unique sound. Though the group disbanded during the nineties, they reformed in 2000, released Tusk in 2002, and followed that with a tour and two additional releases in 2004




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