Campus Copies

166 Memorial Union, near the MU Post Office and Aggie Student Store
Monday - Thursday 9:00-5:00
Friday 9:00-3:00
Summer: Monday - Thursday 10:00-2:00
(530) 752-7638
Parent Organization
Associated Students of UC Davis (ASUCD)

Campus Copies is an ASUCD unit. It is a combined unit with Classical Notes. This unit sells notes for classes; both archived (from last quarter) and current quarter, along with Readers turned in from professors. They also provide a wide array of printing options for those needing to print from email, flashdrive, or from an original copy.

Campus Copies now offers COLOR copies (new 9/20/2011).

Campus Copies Pricing
Regular White $0.08 / sheet single sided
Resume $0.10 / sheet
Color Paper $0.10 / sheet
Legal $0.08 / sheet
11x17 $0.11 / sheet
Cardstock +$0.04 / sheet
Transparencies $1.00 / each
Color Copies $0.50/sheet single sided
Faxing Services
Local $1.00 / page
Long Distance $2.00 / page one
$1.00 / additional page
International $3.00 / page one
$1.50 / additional page
To receive $1.00 / page


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2006-10-09 11:13:54   Do they have a paper cutter? —SimonFung

2008-12-08 16:52:39   I think so, but no corner rounder —StevenDaubert

2009-06-26 13:34:07   I really wanted to use this place to make my course reader — support students, direct revenue to the university, offer students convenience. I went by, though, during the posted business hours, and there was no one there. I sat and waited, hoping maybe they were on lunch but had left no note. No one showed up. I ended up at Navin's. —jsg718

2009-09-08 14:59:03   I wish I could say they got better! I decided to give them a second change and went back today to give them a Fall reader. I went to their new office location in Lower Freeborn: no one there. No sign or anything. And I know several people who were planning to finish their readers today. When I asked at the Information booth, I was told that Campus Copies tends to keep its own hours and doesn't answer its phone. I went elsewhere, as did a colleague who had the same problem today. —jsg718

2009-09-08 16:00:48   With this kind of service, no wonder they are subsidized by students. —hankim

2011-08-31 17:21:27   Dear BrianJKenyon, We appreciate your interest in helping out the students and the university by going through our store! We can assure you that CCCN has come a long way in the last couple years. We guarantee quality readers with minimal turnaround time, that are sold at an affordable price to students. We hope that you would consider using us again.
Thank you very much for the feedback.

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