Campus Eats


A reference list of where to get food on campus. If you're just looking for a soda or quick snack, check out the Campus Vending Machines page. Some buildings have particularly impressive vending selections, and are available at odd hours when "real" establishments may be closed.

  1. Memorial Union
  2. The Silo
  3. Dining Commons
  4. Other Establishments
  5. Free Food (...Or, so I've Heard)
    1. Fruit Trees
    2. Prepared Food
  6. Food Close to Campus
    1. Northern Border
    2. Eastern Border

Memorial Union

Also consider:

The Silo

Also consider:

Dining Commons

Also consider:

Other Establishments

Free Food (...Or, so I've Heard)

Fruit Trees

Prepared Food

Food Close to Campus

Northern Border

On the northwest campus border you'll find University Mall, which hosts the following establishments:

Also Consider:

Eastern Border

The east side of campus bumps up directly against downtown Davis, where you can find a multitude of restaurants. Here are those closest to campus:

Also consider:


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