Campus Parking Permits


Campus Parking is orchestrated by TAPS. There are several parking permit types:

Type Description Cost/Quarter
A Faculty and Staff $151
C Faculty, Staff, and Students. More restricted than A. $124
CH Chancellor, Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor, Deans, Vice Chancellors, Vice Provosts and Associate Vice Chancellors. Park anywhere you damn well please. Yeah, right.1
CP2A Two person carpool A permit. $61
CP2C Two person carpool C permit. $49
CP3A Three or more person carpool A permit. $43
CP3C Three or more person carpool C permit. $37
CPRC Monkey Farm permit. $100
Courtesy You will never, ever get this permit. Free
DSA Disabled - Park anywhere $124
O, S, RP, LG, DC, GH, COL, PG* Specialty housing permits $124
K Cuarto permit. Very hard to get. $124
L Remote lot. Permits are specific to Lot 2 (Mondavi Center), 30 (Rec Pool), xor 35 (across from the ARC).2 $73
M Motorcycle. Vroom Vroom! $67
N Night permit. Park anywhere after 5. $70
RT Retiree. Valid in A spaces. Free. It would be good to steal one of these.
Visitor You can park some places for a large fee. $6/day
V Vendor $178

[WWW]Official TAPS site: Parking Rates

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