Campus Safety Escort Service


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Hours of Operation
Regular School Year: 5:30PM - 3:00AM; Last Call 2:45AM
Summer Session: 8:00PM - 2:00AM; Last Call 1:45AM
2-1727 from a Campus Phone
Web Site
[WWW]UCDPD Safety Escorts
Program Operator
Aggie Hosts

A specialty program within the Aggie Hosts , the Student Patrol/Escort Service is intended to promote campus safety at night. Employees drive a white van marked with the UCDPD logo and “Cal Aggie Hosts... Student Patrol/Escort Service” on the sides. During the Summer of 2014, Aggie Host is in the process of getting a new van to replace the aging white van pictured. Because of this, they have been operating out of various rental vehicles including 12-passenger vans, rental mini-vans, and even sedans have been seen. They all still use the amber bubble light. If you are unsure about the vehicle, look for the uniform or call the dispatcher back to confirm the vehicle.

Their primary mission is to escort individuals who feel unsafe between locations owned by the University. This is a free service to anybody on the UC Davis main campus, including the Cuarto Residence Halls, Primate Center, and Research Park. If needed they can provide a walking escort to anyone that requires it.

Call 530-752-1727 and tell the dispatcher where you are and how many people need an escort. When they come to pick you up, they will turn on their amber light bar (or amber bubble light if not in the usual van). Get in the van, and they’ll take you where you’re going. It is important that you are ready to be picked up when you call. Sometimes the van is already in the area with other pick ups and they are authorized to leave if you haven't shown up within a few minutes of their arrival.

When it is cold and wet, especially late fall quarter and most of winter quarter, they get pretty busy (even more so during passing time between classes), so you may be in for a bit of a wait. Their operating hours are from 5:30 PM to 3:00 AM, excluding summer sessions and major holidays. Starting Summer Session II of 2014, the Safety Escort Service is running limited summer hours from 8PM to 2AM with last call at 1:45AM.

When they are not actively escorting people, they perform other tasks:
1. Support any ongoing Aggie Host events
2. Conduct area checks of the campus (such as dorm areas, parking lots, and the Quad)
3. Any other task assigned by police dispatchers.

All employees of the escort service are fingerprinted and have been background checked. Additionally, they complete the UC Davis safe driver training and submit to the DMV pull system, which informs the department if they have anything negative on their driving record.

Common misconceptions

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