Campus Vending Machines


vending-machines.jpgVending machines in Olson Hall.

Many buildings on campus have vending machines. These machines are owned and operated by Sodexho throughout campus. The basement of Olson has what might be the only machine for test supplies.

Soda on campus used to be Coca-cola, but in September of 2014 switched to a [WWW]10 year contract with Pepsi.

Vending machine types:

Building Floor Location Types
Academic Surge 1st Floor Near West entrance Soda, Drinks, Snacks
Activities and Recreation Center 1st Floor Near locker rooms Soda, Drinks, Snacks, Frozen
Bainer Hall 1st Floor By restrooms (center) Soda, Drinks
2nd Floor By restrooms (center) Soda, Snacks
Briggs Hall Basement Main entrance, turn left Soda, Drinks, Snacks
Earth and Physical Sciences Building 2nd Floor By women's washroom Soda, Snacks
Engineering III 1st Floor Northeast entrance Soda, Snacks
Everson Hall 1st Floor South entrance (by 176 Everson) Soda, Snacks
Hart Hall 1st Floor Northeast entrance Soda, Drinks, Snacks
Haring Hall 1st Floor West Corridor Soda, Drinks, Snacks
Hutchison Hall 1st Floor Near the center of the building, north side. Soda, Drinks, Frozen
Kemper Hall Basement East elevator (near CS Labs) Soda
2nd Floor West elevator Soda, Snacks
King Hall 1st Floor Off the student lounge Soda, Drinks, Snacks, Food, Frozen
Mathematical Sciences Building 1st Floor Just inside the east entrance Soda, Snacks
Meyer Hall 1st Floor South building, east entrance Soda
2nd Floor South building, behind elevators Soda, Drinks, Snacks, Food
Mrak Hall Basement Next to Registrar Soda, Drinks, Snacks, Food 1
MU Games Area Basement Near the bathrooms Soda, Drinks, Snacks
Olson Hall Outside North entrance Soda, Drinks
Basement Lobby Soda, Drinks, Snacks, Frozen, Food2, Test Items
Plant and Environmental Sciences Building 1st Floor Near North entrance Soda, Snacks
Scrubs First Soda, Drinks, Snacks, Frozen
Tupper Hall First Right of main entrance Soda, Drinks, Snacks, Frozen
Vet Med Teaching Hospital 1st Floor Behind the L.A. clinic reception, 4 of them. Soda, Drinks, Snacks, Frozen, Food
Wellman Hall 2nd Floor Southeast doorway Drinks, Snacks
2nd Floor Northwest doorway Soda
Wright Hall 1st Floor Near the stairs Soda, Snacks
Young Hall 1st Floor Northeast doorway/closest to Deathstar Drinks, Snacks

[WWW]Dateline article about campus vending machines.


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Are there any 12oz soda machines around anymore? 20oz is way too much, and too pricey.

2005-10-26 22:35:55   I want a tofu vending machine. —SteveDavison

2005-11-09 22:50:33   Last time I checked there was a 120z soda machine outside of 194 Young, the lower enterance...and I know that in Haring there is a LINE of vending machines that are not just of the frozen variety... —KarlaFung

2005-11-09 22:52:57   Second comment...what about those hot chocolate/coffee machines? Does that really constitute as a "drink"? As far as I can tell, there are only a couple of those on campus. —KarlaFung

2007-05-12 23:26:38   Is there no where to find Pepsi on campus??? —Jedron

2007-05-13 15:04:06   I do like the ice cream machines. The lid opens up and a vacuum cleaner hose machine sucks an ice cream treat and delivers it to you. —Jedron

2007-06-01 12:22:15   DONT USE THE MACHINE IN THE CHEM ANNEX BUILDING. I guarantee that you will lose your money. The bags of chips in that machine are never dispensed properly. —PatrickSing

2008-01-15 05:51:30   I would not recommend buying a drink from the soda vending machine in young hall. i've had numerous sodas dispensed as hot as soup. luckily the aggie store clerk was nice enough to let me trade it for a cold one —fredchen

2009-08-05 10:25:35   My roommate ate a frozen burrito from a vending machine in Olson and was throwing up for a week from it. Eat at your own risk. —ChristopherCivil

2010-06-05 22:11:36   Test Materials vending machines?! —SunjeetBaadkar

2011-05-13 16:05:35   Campus seems to have a huge number of perpetually out-of-order ice cream machines. Anyone know where I can get a mint "It's-It" around here? —JEP

2014-02-18 23:37:04   The best machines to get your sugar fix late at night are in the back of the 24 hour study room. Snacks and drinks. —NhatDo

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