Campus Wine Cellar


We got a tour of the campus winery today in Introduction to Winemaking.

The Teaching Winery

The teaching winery is used to teach volume production of wines. It's still low volume, but much bigger than the few gallons produced at a time in the research winery.

winery8.jpgThe big fermentation tankswinery9.jpgThe crusher-destemmerwinery10.jpgThe wine press - a pneumatic bladder press.

The Research Winery

The research winery is used for smaller scale research production of wines. A lot of small (2-3 gallon) samples of wine can be produced in parallel here.

winery1.jpgAnother crusher-destemmerwinery2.jpgAnother wine press. This one is a basket press

The Wine Cellar

winery3.jpg winery5.jpg winery6.jpgAging wines in oak barrels winery7.jpgSome of the oldest bottles in the cellar

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