Cathy Kennedy


Cathy Kennedy ran for Yolo County Supervisor in the 4th District in the Spring 2008 Election. Her campaign website, now defunct, was

Campaign Literature

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2008-06-02 01:50:22   Kennedy is the Republican candidate for County Supervisor. She registered over to decline to state less than three months ago. While I agree she has a compelling story, she is not the right candidate for supervisor, especially given the credentials of Ferrera and Provenza. —MaxMikalonis

2008-11-15 15:32:11   Kennedy is a combo; certainly fiscally "conservative"; but certainly a "social liberal". This lady grew up in social poverty, freely admits that she was a "welfare" child; put herself through school; takes in children; seems to be rather savvy on business and political issues. With the layout of the BOS, she would be a very compelling addition. Yolo has 4 men and 1 woman; 2 lawyers, 2 "professional politicians" and 1 farmer. Kennedy does not need Ferrera and Provenza credentials - they are weak. Provenza did a bang job on the school board, and Ferrera has nothing but "Califonia Budget" experience - like that's a bragging point. Kennedy has fire and doesn’t seem to pander to anyone unlike what we've all seen from Ferrera and Provenza. True the race is done - she entered too late. Kennedy should run for something else but, she might be more than little Yolo can comprehend —YoloPeep

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