Cecilia Escamilla-Greenwald


Cecilia_E-G_Facebook.jpgCecilia Ecamilla-Greenwald Cecilia Escamilla-Greenwald is originally from the small town of Chico. She is married to David Greenwald. After graduation she realized that Davis could become her home. She formerly served as chair of the Davis Human Relations Commission and was the first president of the Davis College Democrats. Escamilla-Greenwald is a candidate for Davis City Council in the June 2008 election. She was the only candidate endorsed by the Davis College Democrats earning unanimous support for her progressive values and support for Davis renters.

Cecilia has also been endorsed by the Sacramento Bee and The California Aggie.

Cecilia_2008_doorhanger_Front.jpg2008 Doorhanger Cecilia_2008_doorhanger_Back.jpg2008 Doorhanger

Cecilia_2008_yardsign.JPG2008 yard sign

Campaign Literature

Cecilia_2008_City_Council_Pamphlet_1.jpg Cecilia_2008_City_Council_Pamphlet_2.jpg Cecilia_2008_City_Council_Pamphlet_3.jpg

Cecilia_2008_City_Council_Pamphlet_4.jpg Cecilia_2008_City_Council_Pamphlet_5.jpg Cecilia_2008_City_Council_Pamphlet_6.jpg

Cecilia_2008_fold_front.jpg Cecilia_2008_fold_inner.jpg Cecilia_2008_fold_back.jpg

Cecilia_2008_Mailer_Front.jpg Cecilia_2008_Mailer_Back.jpg


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