Center for Companion Animal Health


CCAH Front View.jpg

The Center for Companion Animal Health (CCAH) is the research center for the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital. It is housed in the new-looking building adjoining the Small Animal Clinic.

The first floor is home to cancer and infectious disease treatments for pets. The second floor is devoted to research in the areas of cancer, genetics, infectious diseases, shelter medicine, and nutrition. They host genetic screenings for various types of diseases, and have made many improvements in the various fields of study. There are several donated features surrounding the building including the Yocha De He Garden and Angel's Courtyard.


As stated on their website: "The mission of the Center for Companion Animal Health is to provide a core program which encourages, fosters and facilitates programs in all aspects of health, well-being and disease of companion animals. This is accomplished by acting as an umbrella organization whose sole focus is to improve the health of companion animals by:


CCAH_Courtyard_Art_Closeup.JPGDetail of the artwork in Angel's Courtyard

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