Chalkboard at 3rd and J


Someone placed a Chalkboard in front of the J Street Co-op at the intersection of 3rd Street and J Street and encouraged people to share. Someone else (the City?) took it away.

3rd_J_Chalkboard.JPGNote the daviswiki contribution 7-16-2007.JPGThough limited in storage capacity when compared with the wiki, the chalkboard attracts contributors

YIPPIE! new addition in lieu of chalkboard and new senseless act of beauty by a beautiful j street border who before moving to cali was in THAILAND where if you visit you will see small shrines that look like doll houses on pillars outside most buildings- called SPIRIT HOUSES they often contain little figures such as elephants for good fortune. Now J street has its own spirit house painted by several of the residents. Check it out and feel free to add offerings such as insense, fruit, red soda, figurines, etc...

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