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    1. Environmental Chemistry
    2. Forensic Chemistry
    3. Pharmaceutical Chemistry
    4. Physical Chemistry
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    2. Organic Chemistry
    3. Analytical Chemistry
    4. Inorganic Chemistry
    5. Physical Chemistry
    6. Pharmaceutical Chemistry
    7. Other Chemistry Courses
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The [WWW]Chemistry Department is located in the creatively named Chemistry Building and Chemistry Annex. Some of the labs for certain Chem classes, and certain offices are also located in the Sciences Laboratory Building on the first and second floors.

The Department offers BA and BS as well as Masters and PhD. degrees in Chemistry, additional, Forensic, Environmental, Pharmaceutical, and Physical Chemistry, are offered as Applied Chemistry BS degrees.


Not only can you just have your choice of plain vanilla or chocolate A.B. or B.S. degrees in the science, you can now have an emphasis, though the registrar has yet (6-11-08) to add it to the general catalog. The website and department office has more information.

Environmental Chemistry

Forensic Chemistry

Pharmaceutical Chemistry

An excellent choice for those who wish for a career in the pharmaceutical industry. This sort of chemistry has been responsible for many medicinal advances in the recent years.

Physical Chemistry

This is really for people who love physical and theoretical chemistry.


Sorted by type, instead of just number, types explained at each sub-heading.
See also the UC Davis General Catalog

General Chemistry

Organic Chemistry

Analytical Chemistry

Inorganic Chemistry

Physical Chemistry

Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Other Chemistry Courses

Research Groups

Clubs and Organizations

Chemistry Club




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Perhaps this page would be more useful with personal accounts/summaries of classes instead of a verbatim copy of the General Catalog. After all, you can just link to the General Catalog and the website for the major to give people this information - PhilipNeustrom

I second what PhilipNeustrom said - BryanBell

Yes!!! Please, add your reviews of these classes. Unless you liked organic chemistry. All people who liked organic chemistry will be shot on sight. - SarahHillard

Would anyone provide me more info on Physical Chemistry classes? I have finished General and Organic Chemistry, and I am gonna take physical chemistry in the fall. I have heard too many bad things about physical chemistry. I will appreciate any help. Thanks. - JineshGheeya

Just for note, you can tell a chemist apart from a normal person by the way the pronounce "unionized". —BrentLaabs

I do not see why people have such a hard time with organic chemistry, hence I will be starting to post a bit more information on it. On a side note, unionize is not a word, deionize is what you are looking for. —DavidPoole

2011-12-22 14:30:30   Guys c mon- its not that hard....I took 128A; and its definitely a mind fuck sometimes, but all in all, it makes sense why certain things happen. Its just when you post stuff like "RUN AWAY FROM THIS CLASS" you are telling students not to learn and excel in these classes that benefit learning in general. 118 and 8 seem to be about memorizing reactions while 128 takes it to a different level and asks you why these reactions are occurring. Don't scare people from these classes, encourage a necessary work ethic and learning capability for these students to do well. I'm seriously disappointed in this wiki's need to veer kids off of science classes even if they may be a little bit hard. If you put in the effort, the rewards will be immense. —Kannan

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