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The Chemistry Building is home to the Chemistry department. There is Peter A. Rock Hall formerly 194 Chemistry, one of the largest lecture halls on campus, the main chemistry building, and the Annex. The main building is all rooms with three numbers, the annex has four. Do not fall for the line that professors sometimes give to the freshmen- "My office is on the thirty-fourth floor of the chem annex."

Take the elevator in the main building at your own risk. It hasn't been checked in years and people get stuck in there all the time. You'll be in there for about five minutes. Ten if you are in the service elevator.

There is a chemistry museum on the third floor. It is basically a glass case with old apparatuses. There is a couch on the fifth floor of the annex.



The Chemistry Building was completed in 1965.

There was a fire in the building in the Power Group laboratory. Smelled really bad for the next few days. But they got a pretty new lab for their trouble! The fire department comes to the building at least once a month as it is.

There used to be a professor in the Chemistry Department who invented a surfing product called "Sex Wax." The story that he would tell his students is that he made truck loads of money from the patent on the wax. He got a divorce from his wife and the judge ordered him to pay her half of his salary as a professor. Since he was already rich and just liked teaching, he arranged it with the university to pay him an annual salary of $1. He would brag to his students that every year he would write his ex-wife a check for 50 cents. He died around 2002. Can anybody fill in this story, or the name of the professor?


A nice guy named Richard Scown works in the dispensary, and is the one who prepares all the reagents and experiments. He's from Tennessee. Henry Sanchez works in the Stockroom - He is a proud Screaming Eagle of the 101st Airborne Div.


The department holds seminars every week. They bring in speakers from around the country to talk on just about everything chemical related. Check the colorful fliers posted on the chem department wall for upcoming speakers. There also have cookies and bad coffee before these events. Everyone is welcome. [It would be nice if they were advertised; the chemistry department is one of the most secretive...]


Unless you're taking the Chemistry 2 series, your labs will be here in the chem building. Remember to bring your goggles the first day or they will make you go and buy them at the Silo Bookstore, or the MU UC Davis Bookstore. And do your TA a favor, and read your lab manual before you get to lab.

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