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UC Davis Coffee House
Winter 2014 Hours
Tuesdays from 10:30AM-1:00PM
[WWW]Facebook group

The Chess Club at UC Davis, formerly the UC Davis Chess Club, was established in mid-2008 by a group of enthusiastic players seeking to promote chess. The club currently has a roster of around 60 active members, with playing strengths varying from learners to National Masters (NM). During Tuesday nights, the club typically participates in [WWW]Sacramento Chess Club tournaments, often achieving outstanding results.

For Fall Quarter 2014 - current meeting times are:

Among the club's previous activities for 2008-2009 are:

The club was featured on the front page of The California Aggie on [WWW]"April 13th" and also the Features page of for two weeks!

Interested individuals can join the club's webpage at [WWW]"Chess Club at UC Davis" on Facebook, check out the club [WWW]website.


UCD Knights emerged as champions of the Sacramento Team Chess Championship on 03-11! After seven intensive weeks, the team achieved a final match point (MP) score of 6/7, 1.5 MP ahead of their nearest competitors. UCD Bishops also performed valiantly against the best players in the Sacramento arena. Congratulations teams!


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2009-01-30 14:13:27   I wonder how badly a chess club member would lose to the guy who hangs out in the MU, or the other guy in town who "eats" pieces with his "yum yum" —StevenDaubert

2009-02-21 17:29:50   The Chess Club has several outstanding players — in fact both teams are dominating the best players in the current Sacramento Team Chess Championship! —staris7

2012-12-28 15:06:18   Is this page still active? —bnolan1

2013-02-03 22:44:39   The Chess Club is currently meeting between 10-12 on Fridays in the UC Davis Coffee Shop. Players of all levels are encouraged to come and play! —TylerWilken

2013-11-12 13:34:10   Current meeting times (as of November, 2013) are: Thursday at the UCD Coffee House from 11-1, and Saturday at the Farmers' Market (on the central wooden platform) from 11-1. Check out the Facebook page (link above) for more details and current info. —scottfischbein

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