Chicago Style Pizza


[wikipedia]Chicago Style Pizza was first created at [WWW]Pizzeria Uno by Ike Sewell in 1943. The idea was to create a pizza that was a whole meal. The pizza is heavy, thick and typically eaten with a knife and fork.

Chicago Style Pizza has several variations.

There are no restaurants in Davis but there are a few in nearby cities:

There are also places that claim to have Chicago Style Pizza, but are not. Papa Murphy's claims to have a Chicago Style Stuffed Pizza, but lacking the deep dish needed to cook it and hold in all the ingredients, it falls a bit short.

Frozen Uno's pizza is also available at supermarkets.

* Patxi's Chicago Style Pizza in SF is pretty good. I went there for dinner last night. Their deep dish pizzas are INTENSE. Its on Hayes, about three blocks west of Van Hess. Try it next time you are over there. - Julien


what does this have to do with Davis?

People in Davis eat it, there may be a few displaced Midwesterners in Davis looking for it. That is why I created this page originally. Just because it isn't in Davis proper does not mean it shouldn't be here. If you notice, all there are a LOT of pages related to things outside of Davis, but are part of the Davis experience. - RogerClark

I hear what you're saying, but according to the information above there's nowhere in Davis to get it. It seems like a food list page with "Chicago Style Pizza" on it and an outgoing sac-wiki link might be more appropriate. This page says nothing other than "you're SOL", which makes it seem silly to have a dedicated page to it. —DomenicSantangelo

There's lots of silly pages here, that what makes it fun, that and there is no Sac-wiki to link to. It is more than just what is physically in Davis it is from a Davis perspective. If you live in Davis and want something specific (i.e. Chicago Style Pizza), it may not be in town, but at least you know where you can find it. It could probably be integrated into another page, but it isn't doing any harm by being here. - RogerClark

The fact of absence is a useful fact when looking for something. It is certainly different than absence of fact, as it would be if this page were deleted. I'm not saying that there should be pages that say "Polar Bears — none in Davis", but there are enough pizza joints to warrant a search for a Chicago style pizza. This page provides the answer to that search - there ain't no sich beast in the area. — JabberWokky

There's a Chicago Style pizza place opening up in Vacaville. It's call BJ's, does any know of this place? Does it have a reputation already?MichelleAccurso

Papa Murphy's "Chicago Style" pie, as mentioned above, is very good value, and pretty tasty. I'm not sure what the original comment referred to, as the pie comes in its own baking pan, which browns the bottom nicely and contains all the ingredients just fine. I think it is the only "Chicago Style" pizza available in Davis. — ChrisLambertus

As a native Chicagoan, I've been quite pleased with Chicago Fire. Their stuffed pizza is excellent and authentic, and even better, their thin crust is the cut-into-squares stuff that used to be the only delivery option on the South Side. The only issue is that they tend to get very crowded on weekends. Between the wait for a table and the wait (~40 minutes) for a stuffed pizza, it's not the place to go if you want a quick meal. — nmwallace

As a "displaced Midwesterner," I am glad for this page, because I want to know where I can get good Chicago pizza without the $300 round trip! —deeray82

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