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The town of [chico]Chico is like Davis' older, meaner brother that likes to beat it up every once in a while. Located a few hours to the north in [chico]Butte County, Chico is also host to the [chico]Sierra Nevada Brewery. Occasionally, some of the [chico]Sierra Nevada brewing crew comes down to UCD and give a guest lecture to the FST 3 class, Intro to Brewing and Beer.

Though famed for its partying and [WWW]dead frat guys, Chico is also a big [chico]bike town, and won the Bronze Award from the League of American Bicyclists in 2004. 1

Chico also has a Graduate bar and Woodstock's Pizza.

Amtrak offers direct service between Davis and Chico, but only in the middle of the night.

Chicohouse.jpgA nice community in Chico. Chicostreet.jpgYou can find many quaint coffeeshops in Downtown Chico. Chicostreet2.jpgAnother street in Downtown Chico.


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