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227 E Street, next to downtown Peet's Coffee and Tea
Daily 11:00AM - 10:00PM
(530)758-4285 fax
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[WWW] (won a [wikipedia]Webby in 2005)

Chipotle (pronounced Chi-pote-lay, they tell me) is the quintessential chain burrito joint of Davis. They offer burritos (with or without a tortilla — if you opt for a "burrito-bol), fajita-class burritos (with sauteed peppers and onions instead of beans), tacos (soft or hard) and salads. Part of their business model is to be "cool". So they employ greeters to small talk with customers and allow for substitutions of ingredients.

Everything is made in front of you and allow the choice of the following ingredients:

With every burrito, you have the option of:

A soft taco order consists of three soft tacos. Hard/crispy taco orders also give you three crispy tacos. A taco order plays by the above rules, except that you don't get rice or beans unless you ask for them. The salads are basically tacos minus the shell plus more lettuce. You can also order some items from their "childrens" menu such as half-orders and quesadillas. If you prefer the rice over their (sometimes watery) beans, just ask for more rice and less beans.

Good value: Ask for a burrito with 1 topping (beans, rice, cheese, fajita veges, etc) and get a lot of nutrition for 70 cents. Remember, each 12" tortilla has 340 calories, so you're probably getting about 600 calories total, with very low fat and sugar content.

Prior to September 2006, showing your Reg Card would get you a free soda. This promotion has apparently been discontinued during the school year. At some Chipotles you can get free burritos

dinnerline.jpgThe margaritas are a good value and quite strong.

If you fax in your order using [WWW]this orderform (PDF) you can cut to the front of the line and pick up your food.

McDonald's [WWW]has no ownership in Chipotle anymore as of 2006, but was once (starting in 1997) a shareholder of Chipotle. The McDonald's investment in Chipotle grew with time, peaking at 90%. Chipotle's IPO raised an estimated $1 billion for McDonald's1.

Departure of Joe Herman

The Davis Chipotle used to be on Facebook and usually had 2 contests per week. The Restaurateur Joe gave away a lot of certificates for free food. Once Joe parted ways with Chipotle they took away this facebook page. The comments on this page describe the circumstances of Joe's departure in more detail. Joe is currently running the South Davis Dos Coyotes now. It was a much better fit for him since it is locally owned and is not part of the corporate machine.

A [WWW]Facebook group was created to support the former manager of Chipotle, Joe, after he left the company.


Nutrition Information

Chipotle has several healthy choices, but by and large, (like the vast majority of restaurants in Davis) many orders have too much saturated fat, sodium and calories for a healthy diet. ([WWW]Center for Science in the Public Interest). It should be noted that the ingredients used in a burrito at other local taquerias are usually worse. In addition the sodium estimates are similar to other restaurants that claim to be healthy eateries, such as Subway (see [WWW]Subway Nutrition Facts).

"Using Chipotle's [WWW]

Authenticity Discussion

Back when McDonald's invested heavily in Chipotle, this added to the view that their food is less authentic than other taquerias. McDonalds however, was only a major shareholder and never executed any authority/management. Note that Chipotle no longer has any affiliation with McDonald's. In fact, Chipotle is now killing McDonald's. Sales at McDonald's are slumping as customers flee conventional fast food restaurants in favor of made to order, customizable meal selections with sustainably raised foods. McDonald's created Chipotle and this chain that they sold off could ultimately spell McDonald's doom. McDonald's created their own worst enemy.

They do help out KDVS every year with their fundraiser. And the food is okay. But if you use the word "Mexican" to describe it then you are in error. Chipotle is only half a shade browner than Taco Bell. - RobRoy

*It may be appropriate to warn that Florin road isn't really a place for people to just WANDER. It's one of the ummm... SKETCHIER areas of Sac.



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Hey! That guy is my psc professor! Anyway...I have to say that I have been dissapointed by the food at chipotle both times I have gone there, but then again i'm from a farm town north of Daviswith alarge hispanic population and I have been dissapointed by a lot of the "mexican" places in Davis. I haven't gone to any of the Woodland places yet but Ithink I will try them. The last Time I went to Chipotle the employees were all in bad moods, and they were out of chips and took a long time to make more...there didn't seem to e anyone in charge so one person would say something and another person would say the opposite. The burritos seem to have gotten smaller too for the same price as what I paid last year for a larger burrito. I do like the fact that you can choose your salsaand your beans though.

2006-12-13 21:14:17   If you want consistent Mexican food this is the place. They will not wow you with their culinary creations, but if you want a big burrito for a reasonable price this is where its at. The key to supersizing a burrito I have found is to ask for more than one kind or salsa. Other tricks are coming in when certain workers are on the line because they will load you up! When I'm not in the mood to be adventurous I usually end up here knowing I can get good food everytime. —JohnHumperdinkle

2007-03-17 20:38:30   i ended up here today for no reason other than i had a coupon for a free salad/burrito/tacos/bowls. I was absolutely shocked that the food here was really no worse than any of the other places in Davis. Yes the places in woodland are way better, especially El Paisano Taco Truck, but the food here is decent as compared to the places in davis. Maybe its just because i had such low expectations, but i actually enjoyed this food, partially because it makes no claim to be authentic. —MattHh

2007-03-22 13:41:36   tastes good, but whitewashed, even the burritos are strangely white cause of the jasmine rice —TheStomach

2007-05-20 16:08:16   You know, I'm originally from Elk Grove, and I must say that in the realm of yuppy Mexican food - Chipotle is the best. Get medium salsa, barbacoa beef, and extra sour cream if you like spicy stuff. —joeistheish

2007-06-09 22:07:29   Chipotle is pretty delicious. It's definitely american-ized mexican food. Its like the subway of mexican food. All of my roommates and I go there often. One even bought a $100 gift card there. The burritos definitely fill you up. Its fast too. —KyleScollin

2007-07-24 18:25:12   good but to high of prices but i will be back very good tacos 4 of em for like 6 bucks that is the best deal burrito's are also good —dickjones

2007-09-06 21:15:03   The free drink with student ID promotion was going on during the last month, but has since been discontinued. I love Chipotle, but they have a weird fly infestation at this location. It seems that you can avoid the flies if you sit near the windows, or just not near the middle of the restaurant. Pretty gross . . you would think they would try to do something about that. —MissL

2007-10-19 21:32:37   there chips and salsa are very salty. overall good. —vanessa

2007-12-27 01:20:46   Nothing authentic about the food, but it's good regardless. —thelonepiper555

2008-02-05 00:58:18   Everyone gripes about how many calories are in Chipotle's food and how much fat... what do you expect when you get sour cream and cheese? They're some of the fattiest dairy products. If you get a bowl with everything except sour cream and cheese (no guac either) then it's only 620-650 calories and 4 or 5 grams of fat, which is kind of on the high side, but still not too bad for a whole meal. —HopeBravo

2008-02-09 18:21:05   Super sodium. —StellaChiara

2008-02-20 12:49:17   Hot salsa is spicy. It's probably why I still eat there occasionally. It's awesome. I'm a big fan of spice. —CurlyGirl26

2008-02-20 14:27:12   I find their quac inconsistent. It's always good, but sometimes it's super spicy and sometimes it's mild. —ElleWeber

2008-03-28 10:25:43   The people working there seem to have a problem counting. They have given me one less taco in my order on multiple occasions. However, if you don't mind always monitoring your food as it is being made, this is the place to go. Burrito sizes have gotten smaller on average but are surprisingly still bigger than the super at Guadalajara's and the Chips are still over salted. They no longer offer free sodas at all to University students. Overall, the quality of the ingredients used is the best of all Mexican-style restaurants in town.

Still the best place for Burritos and Tacos in town. —senioritis

2008-04-02 21:05:03   I fell in love with this chain when I first tried their burrito in SF. I really love how the meat is soft, but the price is a bit too high for me. The place at my home is lower and gives you tortilla chips too. —Aarolye

2008-04-21 21:30:01   I'm just happy there is one here. Im from Pittsburgh and the closest one to me was in ohio until recently. But who gives a crap if something is "authentic". If its in Davis its obviously not "authentic"...because its in Davis. Do you really think alot of those poor communities in Mexico can afford that type of cheese and sour cream and rice? Just eat it. If its good its good, if its bad its bad, dont go back. If you really want Mexican food...then go to Mexico. If you want Davis in Davis. —patrick82

2008-05-13 23:42:40   I get the runs every time I eat here without fail. After, oh, I donno, ten times, I stopped eating here. It sucks cause I liked that they use Niman Ranch meat. —JamieParker

2008-07-06 02:37:54   This place is one my favorite spots in town to grab a quick and consisitantly good bite to eat. The corn salsa is sooo good. The food is read so quick I love it. —SeanMartir

2008-08-11 09:05:49   I wouldn't actually call this place "Mexican" cuisine, but they do have burritos, tacos, an d some neat off-menu items you can get if you ask about them. White rice?? Give me a break.

That aside though, this place gives you your money's worth. Huge Burritos, or bowls depending on your taste. About $6.00 gets you a compete meal and out the door in 5 minutes or less if you get the time to go.

3 of 5 stars. —kyle2008

2008-08-12 15:11:55   Anyone know if their rice burritos come with salsa or if its literally just rice? And what about the other things like cheese and sour cream? Let the penny pinching begin! —SunjeetBaadkar

2008-09-29 09:05:10   the rice burrito is just that- rice in a flour tortilla! Anything else you get on it adds to the price, unless the employees are in a gregarious mood. —Aggieanthony

2008-10-06 22:12:31   i fuckin love this place!, best food in Davis! —Aaronthebox

2008-10-13 17:34:53   Chipotle is one of my favorite quick food restaurants. We eat their regularly in any city. Their rice and guacamole are amazing. The one in Davis has good food quality, but the service has been rude to us many times. I always get the burrito bol because you can mix it all up and eat with a fork instead of trying to keep my burrito in one piece. As long as the food is good I can't really complain =) —MichVan

2008-11-22 12:02:50   Hey all!!!! My name is Joe. The Chipotle on "E" Street is mine. Over the next couple of weeks I am going to clear some things up here that are not true.

I will follow up with some more info for you. Feel free to ask me any questions. By the way Rob Roy your half shade browner comment is disgusting. Please stop wasting tax payers money to put your name on the ballot and by all means please go eat at Taco Bell. It is apparent to me that some people are commenting on this page that have never been in my restaurant. It is kind of like the kids that post negative comments on I-Tunes when they don't even purchase the music or application. We work very hard to make the freshest ingredients for our guests every day. Everything you see on the line was made that day.

I just want to say thank you to all of our guests that come in everyday. A lot of you have become like family to me. I feel very blessed to be in Davis because we have such a large demographic of different cultures here. It is great to meet people from all over the world.

Finally to the haters and the bashers Taco Bell is 2 streets over..PLEASE GO THERE....go knock yourself out!!! I have 700 people that come in everyday that like my food and my crew!!!!!

Joe —jherman

2009-02-08 15:25:37   Joe, it is good that you are using the wiki. I'll be honest and say that I don't like Chipotle because there is an absence of flavor. Sorry you find my humorous comment "disgusting" but I dated a girl for a couple years that was born in Mexico and, I'm just saying, I like flavor and as far as my tongue goes, Chipotle seems lacking in that department. As to the "wasting tax payers money" comment, do you know how much it personally cost me to run for city council? Names are not put on the ballot for free, candidates pay for it. I felt that the voters deserved the option of a candidate that wants to keep Davis and unique and special place to live. I believe you should have the right to own and operate a business that caters to people that don't like biting flavor. I am sorry to hear that you think democracy should be elitist and that taxpaying citizens like myself shouldn't have the right to run. I don't eat at (Pepsi-Co owned)TacoBell but I do love Davis Taqueria over and L street as well as El Mariachi on 4th and D. They are always nice to me, never suggest that I would enjoy TacoBell, and, most importantly, have food with great flavor. —RobRoy

2009-02-15 20:01:08   If you get extra rice, they usually have trouble folding your burrito. Do it. —btronclassix

2009-03-02 13:54:16   still visit it very girlfriend makes me...and I still find it enjoyable. —patrick82

2009-03-23 23:38:17   They put a lot of time & effort into the prep here. Knowing how fresh everything is makes it that much more delicious! I like the Barbacoa or Carnitas burrito, mighty tasty :) —TICKtacTOEtag

2009-04-27 15:41:00   I love chipotle. I think they taste better than Dos Coyotes.. (gasp! haha) —YuJinChoi

2009-06-04 22:20:54   I frequent this Chipotle a LOT. I like the people here and I've never had a bad experience with the food. Double wrapped with extra beans is the way to go. I did however apply for a job here once immediately after seeing the hiring ad and didn't get it. This wasn't such a big deal but what seriously irritated me was I emailed the manager once and called once and never got any form of response. I tried to see if he was available once in person but he wasn't around. I understand people are busy but a short email takes no time or effort at all.

To RobRoy, dating a mexican doesn't make you not racist. Everyone else seems to enjoy the food at Chipotle, you don't. Such is life, recipes won't be changed just for you and luckily for the company they don't seem to need your business.

2009-06-16 21:12:26   Same reason there's no "Caucasian Studies" or "Men's Studies" major. Both (whether correctly assumed or not) are the majority or ruling class or dominant or however you'd like to state it. Ripping on a majority makes you the same as everyone else, including the majority. Insulting a minority, especially coming from a majority or position of power doesn't come across the same as simple ball busting, just rude. Insulting a majority is generally accepted because it's been seen that it's good fun, while insulting a minority is a way of singling out someone who may have issues with belonging as it is. —davisreviewer

2009-07-21 00:11:42   Great price, fresh food, and quick service (in relation to the out the door lines that occur frequently). Best bang for the buck in Davis —longboardlover

2009-08-18 23:20:50   bigger burritos with more meat please. thank you —bewbs

2009-08-21 02:01:57   Ever since we moved in next door where Help Computer Services used to be, I tend to eat here several times a week. The lines looked long sometimes going outside the door but it moves fast so I don't mind standing in it. The food has always been good, tasty, and a healthier meal. The food doesn't vary like other restaurants when the cooks change over the week and the staff has always been friendly. Some people complain about authenticity, but I am more concerned with a great taste, great price, and generous amounts of food for my money. Having meals all over Mexico to Guatemala on islands, on beaches, and in the jungle, people can keep their authenticity. Looking down at a pig's head being cooked in the ground or nearly "everything" from the chicken thrown into my enchilada is authentic, and quite frankly, fairly gross to me. I am overjoyed to eat Mexican food that is consistent, great tasting, healthy, and in a clean environment from the tables to the restrooms. —Cybershield

2009-11-08 21:39:02   i personally really like chipotle, and Mrs. likes it too, but only during certain times when she is really craving it. however we went here on our first date, her idea!!! anyway, it is good and BIG, they stuff these burritos up nicely —mrandmrs

2009-12-29 12:13:56   Big food for a good price. Its fast food so hard to be picky. —stodd84

2010-02-16 01:36:28   I love Chipotle, but getting all the blood stains out of your underwear is a nightmare! —OrofinJackson

* This comment is a reference to an episode of South Park titled [WWW]Dead Celebrities which contains a subplot regarding Chipotle restaurants. It is most likely intended for humor and not to be taken at face value. —OliviaY

2010-02-28 22:26:12   OrofinJackson:

Honestly? What purpose does that comment serve? If it is a joke, it is a poor and disgusting one. If it is a real life experience, then I highly suggest you seek medical attention immediately. I eat at Chipotle in Davis very often, and the food is always delicious and fresh, and the staff friendly.

Please show some respect for the people who use Daviswiki as a legitimate source of information and opinions about the establishments in our town, and show some maturity, or I dare say the "blood stains" aren't the only problem you will run into regularly in life.

2010-03-31 00:18:03   I love the cheap burritos with only 2 items in them, bean and corn. And I love the nice lady who works there most weeknights, she's like a mother away from home. I don't like how expensive the guacamole is and now the increase in price for cheese as single item in a burrito. I like the tabasco and the excellent service though so I get a burrito here often. —tneeley

2010-04-22 12:28:29   Yum Yum Yum! I love Chipotle! It is our favorite place to eat in Davis! —LuvMyPets

2010-04-27 22:45:31   why dont u open past 10!!!!!!! frickin a —kazikaya

2010-06-13 00:18:48   everything on the menu has over 1000+ calories. the calories from fat are probably +50% of your daily intake. but i devour the burritos like it is kid's play (with huge amounts of smoked flavored Tabasco sauce). —binladen

2011-01-04 02:27:07   Was closed for some type of remodel on 01-03-10, wonder how long this will last? —Wes-P

2011-04-13 19:09:25   I ordered a burrito bowl on the iPod app for Chipotle to pick up at 5:45, and when I got there at 5:50, the cashier said they only have an online order for someone else. However, the cashier chose not to show me the screen and claimed that I never made the order. She then said I could simply wait in line, and the wait would be 20 minutes. Upset that she had told me that I had made a mistake in ordering, I decide to load up the confirmation email on my iPod at another restaurant. I come back to Chipotle with the loaded email on my iPod screen and she finally shows me the order screen without my name. I personally believe that she deleted my order in the time I was gone because she simply didn't want to be wrong. She then tells me to wait in line. At least last time I ordered online, the cashier admitted that she hadn't had the order ready and prepared it for us on the spot. Every other time I went to Chipotle, there was decent service. Beware Francisca. So much for "the customer is always right." —Upset!

2011-12-16 17:07:02   Its chipotle! of course its good! —JeffA

2011-12-18 19:19:59   I love Chipotle! A few weeks ago I got a chicken burrito and it was so salty! They are usually very good. The employees give fast service and are nice. —VKC

2013-08-14 18:08:10   they give small ass protions need their greed to STOP. Real SMALL portion when Im still paying $7. Not fair. —tom5511

2014-02-04 21:36:08   This place is very good I have never been there was my first time and I love it :) Seriously i recommend it to those who are on a tight budget because the burritos are large and the bowls are large if you are going Gluten Free —monicalazur

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