ChristmasTree2.jpg Christmas is a holiday occurring annually on December 25th that commemorates the birth of Jesus the Christ, the person that Christians follow.

Despite the holiday's religious roots, many celebrate a secular version that concentrates on gift giving, family, and kindness to fellow humans. Contrary to popular belief, the date December 25th was not chosen to compete with pagan [wikipedia]Winter Solstice celebrations, which fall on between December 20 and 23 in the northern hemisphere. The date that Christmas is celebrated on today is based on a work of questionable scholarship by Sextus Julius Africanus that was published in the early third century AD.

During this time of year in Davis, the university essentially shuts down during the latter half of December, students leave town, many people drink eggnog and charitable organizations take advantage of the giving spirit.

If you find yourself a bit lonely in December, we offer the following in the spirit of the season!

  1. Events Around Town
    1. Community Activities
    2. Community Giving
    3. Religious Activities
    4. Viewing the Holiday Lights
    5. Henri Court
  2. Campus Events
  3. Businesses open on Christmas Day
  4. Decorating for Christmas

Events Around Town

Community Activities


Community Giving

See our Volunteer Opportunities page for ideas on how you might spend some of your free time this winter!

Religious Activities

Viewing the Holiday Lights

Davis Enterprise entertainment editor, Derrick Bang, is a Peanuts afficionado (he's written three books about Peanuts) and has a house filled with Peanuts characters as well as other cartoon characters. In 2004 he added his own radio station, 106.9 FM, which broadcasts just within half a block of his house and plays continuous Christmas music. During the holiday season hourly light and music shows are held at this house on Cowell Blvd in at 7pm, 8pm, and 9pm Sunday through Thursday with an extra show at 10pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

The Davis Enterprise runs an annual decorating contest, and judges entrants. Its winners in 2011 were:

PeanutsHouse.jpgD. Bang House features a Peanuts theme. PeanutsHouse2.jpgDerrick Bang even broadcasts holiday music 24-7! xmashouse.jpgA handful of Davis residents spend a good deal of time decorating for The Holidays. xmashouse2.jpgAnother view of the white Christmas house.

Henri Court

Henri Court in Wildhorse is nicknamed "Candy Cane Lane" because the neighborhood has so many decorated houses. See also Henri Court.

xmas.jpgHouses on Henri Court, 2007 xmas1.jpgHouses on Henri Court, 2007 xmas2.jpgHouses on Henri Court, 2007

Campus Events

Businesses open on Christmas Day

Contrary to tradition, there were no Chinese restaurants open on Christmas, 2006. The only "Chinese" restaurant reported open in 2007 was Panda Express. It was open in 2008 as well.

Movie Theaters tend to be open on Christmas, as are gas stations and their associated mini-marts.

See also Eating And Shopping On Holidays

Decorating for Christmas


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2004-12-21 17:58:04   For Winter Break most of us students head out of town, but it is nice to see what's going on in the town while we're gone! - PhilipNeustrom

2004-12-21 19:27:42   Davis is a ghost town on Christmas day. last Christmas I sat in my ome and worked on a 12 pack of Sierra Nevada while i watched the Kings game but during half time I passed out in the living room of my empty five bedroom house. - RobRoy

I love the houses that go all out for decorating during the holidays. - BevSykes

2006-12-14 16:32:47   The biggest Christmas Wreath in Davis is on Lessley Place. Looks good at night with its colored lights, too. —JaimeRaba

2006-12-14 16:43:39   On Christmas Day, the streets of Davis often become deserted. If any wikiholics will be in town and are in search of company, perhaps this page would be a good tool with which to plan a Christmas Day party! —AlphaDog

2006-12-25 10:25:29   Denny's and IHOP are open today, IHOP 6am-4pm. Happy Hannukah! —ShanaWhite

2007-12-25 16:15:42   Dead is an understatement for Davis during christmas. I mean come on, not even the chinese restaurants are open. Also the public golf course isnt open (thats the first time ive ever seen a golf course closed on a holiday) :( —MattHh

2007-12-25 19:56:27   I can't believe that there aren't any chinese restaurants open on Christmas. Not only that, but apparently everything other than Little Prague is closed by 8. WTF???? —Carley

StevenDaubert replies, "that could be true, however the is no evidence that even bears on what you have proposed, there is however ample documentation of a pre christian solstice celebration.

2008-12-21 10:23:05   As it currently stands in modern times, Christmas is definitely a religious holiday, and is celebrated mainly by Christians. It's celebrating a major religious event that is of significant importance to that religion, and not of importance to most other religions. Although many of its elements came from other religions or other cultural events (including, as previously noted, Druidic holidiays, and I believe also Hanukkah), it is not, as some people suggest, a secular holiday. —IDoNotExist True, it's basically an oxymoron, and it just sidesteps the whole history argument—StevenDaubert

2008-12-24 13:09:18   Christmas is all well and good but isn't there any place in town for a hungry Jew to get some sufganiot? C'mon people! —tierramor

2010-12-25 17:03:54   Unable to edit the page at the moment for some reason but little Prague and Kathmandu kitchen are both open. —IDoNotExist

2010-12-25 18:12:32   Merry Christmas to All! —BruceHansen

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