ChristopherMcKenzie vs. KDVS


Some people (ChristopherMcKenzie) don't get along with KDVS. This is a place for them to carry on their conversation outside of the KDVS page because it is really a discussion between Chris and the KDVS volunteers.

What about the fact that the station is run like a fraternity of closely knit like-minded people that practice a ridiculous level of elitist exclusivity? (is that a word?) I know of over half a dozen people (one of which is a successful commercial DJ who has played in Europe, Japan and all across the US) who have had extreamely bad experiences with KDVS and have left in utter disgust (much like myself in 2001). —ChristopherMcKenzie

I think what people probably are the most upset about is they confuse KDVS's "freeform" designation with freedom. DJs at KDVS are free to play what they want, as long as they don't play anything mainstream. That's not full freedom, and I think it is that small lack of freedom that irks some people. I think Rick is right that it isn't for everyone, but I think if KDVS wanted to avoid more frustration over that, it might be easier if they do acknowledge a little more freely that they DJs aren't free, they are simply not free to play anything that could be construed as mainstream. That's fine (in fact I think it's good), it just needs to be more clear to people. —EricKlein

I have always wondered why so many of the KDVS people are indy rock kids with badges on their grey over-arm bag(sash maybe) going around on a skateboard with dark hair that goes everywhere. I know what you mean about freeform - but they just look like a bunch of emo indy rockers to me that need to take some antidepressants. It's like their idea of obscure music is Surrealistic Pillow by Jefferson Airplane or Insecticide by Nirvana. Then you have the attitude that they should play it, not because it is a fine piece of craftsmanship, but just because it's a neat idea (like "dub side of the moon" - it's not that good, ok!) or just because it has obscureness. I just don't like how that is done I guess. —ChristopherMckenzie

Ummm, isn't there a place better suited to pissing contests than the Wiki?SummerSong

Opposing sides don't always come to an agreement on matters of personal opinion, and besides, I don't think an arguement about an issue that few people actually care about is worth archiving on a public space. I don't give a shit and neither does anyone else I know. As I understand it, the Wiki is intended to provide information about Davis, not to provide a place for people to argue about insignificant little dramas.SummerSong

What's an indie-rocker? — AndyPastalaniec

[WWW]Google Images for "indie rocker"ChristopherMcKenzie

Chris, your research may be faulty. [WWW]One result of Google Images for "indie rocker". — RyanPrendiville

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