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mormons.jpg mormon.pngMormon ideas have been in the area for awhile, as demonstrated by this clipping from the December 18, 1869 edition of the Davisville Advertiser.

Meetinghouse Location
615 Elmwood Drive
Institute of Religion Location
421 Russell Blvd.
(530) 662-3219 (Stake Main Office)
[WWW]Woodland California Stake Homepage

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (often abbreviated "LDS") is a popular church whose members are called Mormons. Davis is part of the Woodland Stake, which includes Woodland, Davis, Dixon, and Winters. Prior to the opening of a new temple, the nearest active temple was in Oakland. The [WWW]Sacramento temple opened in September 2006 in Rancho Cordova.

Two of the three congregations in Davis were recently (effective April 1, 2007) reorganized along demographic, instead of geographic, lines. This fairly unusual move was made primarily so that all the LDS youth in Davis could be together in weekly meetings. The congregations (called "wards") and their meeting times are as follows:

Davis First Ward (for anyone in Davis that doesn't fit the descriptions of the other two wards):

Davis Second Ward (comprising married students and their spouses, with or without children):

Elmwood Ward (comprising unmarried adults 18-30):

instrelig.jpgInstitute of Religion The Institute of Religion offers college-level religious instruction to LDS students and anyone else interested.

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