City Services


Davis residents can obtain a wide variety of services from the City of Davis. Some are provided as part of your taxes, while others require a use charge. Some are given directly to you, while others are available upon request. It's your city... know what is available to you! (And check out the County Services available)


Major Services by Type

Utility Services

Legend has it that Davis was the first city to have curbside recycling pickup. While that's not quite true, Davis was an early adopter of curbside recycling. Madison, Wisconsin started curbside recycling in 1967, and just seven years later, Davis started its own program in 1974 ([WWW]Source) Being the progressive city that it is, you can pay the fees (quite high, actually) [WWW]online.


Service Who provides it Phone Number Web Site Description and Notes
Accessibility Community Development 757-5610 Community Development provides assistance with accessibility issues and services
Administrative Services 757-5602 Human Resources, Information Services, and general city information. The City Manager can also be reached at this number
Adopt-A-Park Parks & General Services 757-5656 Volunteers assist city with special projects and general maintenance in parks, greenbelts and open space areas
Affordable Housing Community Services 757-5626 The City has a goal of affordable housing in all areas of town. Developers are required to provide ownership or rental affordable housing in new residential developments. Contact the City Manager's Office for a list of available affordable housing opportunities
Air Quality Yolo-Solano Air Quality Management District 757-3650 or 800-287-3650 [WWW] Spare the Air and other information from the YSAQMD
Alcohol, Drug and Mental Health 757-5530 Yolo County provides services to county residents in prevention,treatment and rehabilitation of mental health and substance abuse disorders and disabilities. Services in Davis at 600 A Street Monday – Friday, 8 am to 5 pm.
888-965-6647 24-hour crisis line. No charge to calling party.
Alternative Recreation Community Services 757-5626 Year-round afternoon and weekend outings are available for teens and adults with developmental disabilities. City staff provides supervised guidance and facilitates socialization during the variety of leisure outings.
Animal Control Yolo County Animal Shelter 668-5287 Field and shelter services, animal adoption and dog licenses, 41831 Gibson Road, Woodland.
Art Support [Community Services Department] 757-5626 Annual funding for local art activities in all disciplines, and Art and Programming in Public Places competitions, performing art facilities.


Service Who provides it Phone Number Web Site Description and Notes
Bicycles 757-5686 Public Works is responsible for planning bike paths and lanes and bike path lighting. Bike maps available at the department and at Davis City Hall.
Bicycle Licenses 752-BIKE(2453) Bike Licenses are required on the UC Davis campus. Contact UC Davis TAPS office or local bike shops for information.
Budget 757-5607 [WWW] /finance Current city budget is on-line at the Finance web site.
Building Permits and Inspections Community Development 757-5610 Community Development is in charge of approving building permits, resale inspections, building code enforcement and information.
756-4907 Call this number to schedule a 24-hour advance building permit inspection (recording only).
Business Licenses 757-5651 All businesses located or providing services in Davis must obtain a business license. Call Finance for information.
Business Services 757-5610 The city’s Economic Development staff in the Community Development Department provides information on vacant parcels and buildings, incentives, development process assistance, fee estimates and marketing materials.
Community Development 757-5610 Davis Redevelopment Agency
757 5651 Contact Finance for information on Downtown Business Improvement District boundaries and payments, business licenses and utility billings.


Service Who provides it Phone Number Web Site Description and Notes
Cable Television Comcast 800-266-2278 [WWW] Local cable television service is provided by Comcast.
757-5667 Community Services is responsible for the city’s Government Cable Channel 16. Most Council meetings cablecast live on Tuesday evenings and Planning Commission meetings cablecast on Wednesday evening. See the city’s web page for more information on live and replay schedules.
Davis Joint Unified School District 757-5300 [WWW] Educational Access Channel 17.
757-2419 [WWW] Public Access Channel 15 is run by Davis Community TV.
Capitol Improvement Projects 757-5686 [WWW] Public Works oversees the planning, design and construction of new city improvements and rehabilitation of existing facilities, including parks, streets, buildings and utilities. See the city’s web site for a complete list of current projects.
Cemetery District 756-7807
Chamber of Commerce 756-5160 [WWW] The Chamber of Commerce is a business service organization that supports local businesses and economic vitality and provides relocation information.
Child Care Services Community Services 757-5695 Child care referrals, a book and toy Lending Library, parenting and provider support services, Small Talk newsletters, and administer child care subsidy programs serving low income families.
City Clerk 757-5648 The City Clerk in the City Manager’s Office oversees agendas and scheduling of City Council meetings,general Commission administration,city record requests,local election code compliance, filings, petitions, notary public services by appointment, and other public information.
City Council 757-5602 As the legislative branch of Davis’ municipal government, the City Council holds open public meetings where local laws, policies, and basic decisions for the municipality are discussed and decided. To reach Council members contact the City Manager’s Office or see page one for email addresses. Phone: 757-5648 For general information about the City Council, contact the City Clerk.
City Manager's Office 757-5602 The City Manager’s Office provides City Council support and citizen assistance. Divisions include City Clerk, Promotions, International Relations, Human Resources, Information Systems, and Affordable Housing.
Code Compliance 757-5610 Code Compliance Program staff inspect and investigate complaints to ensure that property owners and tenants maintain their property's appearance and safety. Call Community Development to report zoning and building violations and visual blight.
Complaint Hotline 757-5646 Record your complaint on the 24-hour Code Enforcement.
747-5400 Report noise violations, inoperative or abandoned vehicles to the Police.
Community Development 757-5610 Community Development is responsible for zoning information and approvals, design review, development services, economic development, redevelopment agency, planning (general plan, specific plans, etc.), environmental review, census and demographic information, regional planning, civic arts, historical resource management, re-sale inspections, building plan check and permits, and code compliance.
Community Development Block Grants 757-5626 The CDBG program grants federal funds through the Block Grants (CDBG) (Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to implement a number of development, housing and community services projects. Contact Community Services.
Community Gardens 757-5626 Garden plots at 1825 Fifth Street are available for a small annual fee. Call Community Services for information.
Community Transit, Dial-a-Ride 757-4408 Phone: Curb-to-curb service is available by advance reservation. (Priority is given to residents 62 years and older or disabled. Call Community Services for assistance.
Courts 406-6700 Yolo County Superior/Municipal Courts are located at Yolo County Court House,735 Court Street,Woodland.
Crime Prevention, Neighborhood Watch 747-5400 Contact the Police for information on Youth Crime Diversion and Neighborhood Watch services.


Service Who provides it Phone Number Web Site Description and Notes
Department of Motor Vehicles 800-777-0133 DMV is a State of California agency at 530 Pole Line Road that provides new and renewal drivers licenses, vehicle registrations, identification cards, etc.
City of Davis City Manager’s Office (includes City Clerk, Human Resources, Promotions, Information Systems, Affordable Housing), Community Development, Finance, Fire, Community Services, Police, Public Works.
Dog Licenses 747-5400 Licenses are required for all dogs in Yolo County. New licenses are available at the Police Department 668-5287 for Animal Control in Woodland.
Downtown Activities 756-8763 [WWW] Contact the Davis Downtown Business Association for information on downtown special events and promotions.
Drainage and Storm Water Collection 757-5686 Public Works is responsible for pollution reduction of drainage water. See "Flooding"


Service Who provides it Phone Number Web Site Description and Notes
Economic Development 757-5610 See Business Services or Community Development
Election Information 757-5648 The City Clerk oversees local election code compliance.
666-8133 or 800-649-9943 The Yolo County Clerk oversees elections and provides voter information and registration services.
Email addresses and other Staff Information [WWW] The city’s web site has a complete list of staff, job titles and email addresses
Emergencies 9-1-1 Call 9-1-1 for life threatening events, fire or medical emergencies, vehicle accidents that have just occurred, lost children (12 years and younger), bomb threats,any in-progress crimes, etc.
530-758-3600 For reporting a Police emergency from a cell phone.
530-756-3400 For reporting a Fire emergency from a cell phone.
For non-emergency calls,contact the Police at 747-5400 or Fire at 757-5684
Employment with the City of Davis 757-5645 [WWW] Jobline: Recorded information on permanent jobs with city. Current openings and benefit information are also posted on the city’s web site.
757-5644 For other information, contact Human Resources, a division of the City Manager’s Office.


Service Who provides it Phone Number Web Site Description and Notes
Facilities and Park Rentals 757-5626 A wide variety of community buildings and some picnic areas are available for rental. A list of facilities and reservation information is available on the Parks & Community Services department’s web site and at City Hall.
Fair Housing Assistance 757-5626 Fair Housing Services staff assists with monitoring and enforcing fair housing laws and regulations. Staff provides intake, assessment and referral of housing discrimination complaints. They provide information related to security deposits, rent, property repairs/habitability, lease terms and conditions, pets, required modifications and accommodations for disabled renters, occupancy limits and other rental housing issues.
Fee Subsidies Community Services 757-5626 Limited funds are available to subsidize recreation program fees for residents depending on income and family size.
Finance Department 757-5607 Call the Finance main phone line for general information, the Annual Budget or Financial Statement, Treasurer's Reports, City Investments, Local Tax Rate information and information on loan fees and payments.
757-5651 Call this Finance number for business license applications and information, city utility bill payments, parking citations (payments only) and city invoices.
To pay city utility bills, parking citations and business licenses in person, visit the Finance Public Counter at City Hall.
Fire Department 757-5684 The Fire Department’s non-emergency services include: Prevention services: fire safety, inspections, plan checks, public education, youth fire diversions, fire protection advice.
9-1-1 Use the 9-1-1 emergency line to report all emergencies:fire, medical, hazardous materials, other responses.
530-756-3400 For reporting a Fire emergency from a cell phone.
Flooding 757-5686 Report street flooding problems to Public Works anytime Monday – Friday, 8 am to 5 pm. Also call for information on Federal (FEMA) flood zone insurance.
747-5400 Report after-hours flooding problems by calling the business number at the Police Department
Focus newsletter 757-5602 A city newsletter published three times a year by the City Manager’s Office provides information on city programs and services. Frequently Asked The city’s “Frequently Asked Questions” web page is an excellent source of city and local service information.
Frequently Asked Questions [WWW] The city's Frequently Asked Questions web page is an excellent source of city and local service information.


Service Who provides it Phone Number Web Site Description and Notes
Garbage and Curbside Recycling Collection Davis Waste Removal 756-4646 Davis Waste Removal is under contract with the city to provide garbage and curbside recycling collection of paper, cardboard,plastic,glass,metal cans and yard waste.
757-5651 Contact Finance for questions about payments,rates and changing your service level. (See also “Hazardous Materials,”“Recycling”and “Landfill”for other important waste removal and reduction services.
Graffiti and Vandalism Management 757-5600 Report new graffiti by leaving a recorded message on the city’s Graffiti Hotline.
Parks & General Services 757-5626 Volunteer graffiti management assistance is coordinated by Parks & General Services staff.


Service Who provides it Phone Number Web Site Description and Notes
Hattie Weber Museum of Davis History 758-5637 Local history displays are organized and maintained for the city by the Davis Library Club at the Hattie Weber Museum, 5th and C Streets, open Wednesdays and Saturdays 11:00 am – 4 pm. Call with questions or to volunteer.
Hazardous Materials 757-5560 Household Hazardous Waste drop-off days are offered six times a year free of charge to Yolo County residents at Yolo County Landfill. Call for dates, times and acceptable materials. Information is also posted to the city’s Public Works web site
9-1-1 Use 9-1-1 from a land-line phone to report hazardous material spills or unknown substances in the street. From a cell phone, dial Police at 530-758-3600 or Fire at 530-756-3400.
Health Care and Hospitals 758-2060 Davis Community Clinic at 2040 Sutter Place is a private, nonprofit agency that provides primary health care to low-income, uninsured and Medi-Cal residents of the Yolo region.
Health Care and Hospitals 756-6440 Sutter Davis Hospital at Covell Boulevard and Highway 113 offers a full range of community hospital services, including 24-hour emergency services
Historical Resource Management Community Development 757-5610 Community Development administers historical preservation activities,maintains an inventory of historical buildings and processes alteration permits for historical structures.


Service Who provides it Phone Number Web Site Description and Notes
Inclusive Recreation Support Services Community Services Department 758-1862 Complies with the ADA law providing individualized support and accommodations for any recreation class or program listed in the Department’s recreation schedule.
Information not listed here 757-5602 Contact the City Manager’s Officeor look on the city’s web site ( for information on any city services not listed here.
Irrigation 757-5686 Call Parks & General Services to report broken sprinklers in public landscapes.


Service Who provides it Phone Number Web Site Description and Notes
Landfill 666-8729 Yolo County Central Landfill, open daily except holidays, is located at County Roads 104 and 28H, Northeast of Davis.
Library 757-5591 The Davis Branch of the Yolo County Library system, 315 East 14th Street, is open every day except major holidays.
752-6561 [WWW] The UC Davis main library is located at on the central campus. Contact them for information on services


Service Who provides it Phone Number Web Site Description and Notes
Maps Local maps are available at the Davis Conference and Visitors Center, 105 E St, Ste 300; at City Hall, 23 Russell Blvd;and at the Davis Chamber of Commerce, 130 G Street.
Marriage Licenses 666-8130 Call the Yolo County Clerk for information.
Mediation 757-5623 Community Mediation Services offers assistance with conflict resolution and prevention through mediation, facilitation and skill building. Mediation and facilitation are available for many types of conflicts including tenant/landowner, fair housing, customer/merchant, neighbor/neighbor, organizational, workplace and others. Training in mediation skill and related topics is offered for community mediators and other by special arrangement. Call the Community Mediation Service for a free consultation and for more information.
Municipal Code 757-5648 [WWW] Contact the City Clerk for general questions about administering the City’s codes and regulations or contact the individual departments for more specific questions. The current City of Davis Municipal Code is posted on the City Manager’s Office web site.


Service Who provides it Phone Number Web Site Description and Notes
Neighborhood Associations 757-5610 Staff in Community Development provides assistance with establishing neighborhood associations.
Noise Violations and Permits See Code Compliance and Permits.


Service Who provides it Phone Number Web Site Description and Notes
Parking Enforcement and Citations 747-5444 or 747-5400 The Police Department oversees parking enforcement and sells parking permits. Citation payments: Bring or mail your payment to Finance, City Hall, 23 Russell Blvd or use drop box located in City Hall parking lot.
Community Services Department 757-5626 Community Services is responsible for a wide range of programs; park and facility rentals, all-ages recreation, Senior and Teen Center programs, child care services, Community Development Block grants, mediation, theatres, and special events. Contact staff for information on a specific program or see the Community Services web site for in-depth information.
Parks and General Services Department 757-5656 Open Space information, street tree services, general park maintenance, fleet services, park planning and a list of the city’s parks are posted to the department’s web site. Park information is also available in the department's seasonal Recreation Schedule.
Performing Arts Support Services 757-5626 Staff in Community Services manage the Varsity and Veterans’ Memorial Theatres.
Permits and Licenses 757-5651 Contact Finance for information on how to obtain a Business License.
Fire Department 757-5684 Contact the Fire Department to obtain open flame permits, phone: flammable/combustible liquid tank installation and removal permits, tent structure permits and model rocket use permits
747-5400 Parking permits, noise permits, open container permits and
Poison Control 800-876-4766 To reach the Poison Control hotline.
Police Department 747-5400 The Davis Police Department provides services within the city limits, including investigations and youth services, patrol, records and communications, parking enforcement, crime prevention, neighborhood watch and public information.
747-5430 To reach Investigations and Youth Services directly.
747-5444 Parking citation assistance
9-1-1 Call 9-1-1 to report an emergency.
530-758-3600 To report an emergency from a cell phone.
752-1230 UC Davis Police provides services on the university campus.
Pools 757-5626 The city maintains several pools for public and special aquatic group use. Call Community Services for information,see the department’s web site or see the seasonal “Recreation Schedule”of activities and programs.
Post Office The main Davis Post Office is located at 2020 Fifth Street. (Other locations are at Third and D well as the UC Davis campus at the Memorial Union
Promotions 757-5691 See “City Manager’s Office.”
Public Health 666-8645 Information and services provided by Yolo County.
Public Records Requests See “City Clerk.”
Public Works Department 757-5686 Public Works is responsible for repair and maintenance of streets, sidewalks, bike paths, streetlights and traffic signals, operation and maintenance of water production and distribution, sewage collection/treatment,and drainage collection systems. Also traffic calming, bicycle/pedestrian safety, mapping, recycling, construction inspection of public improvements and Capital Improvement Projects.


Service Who provides it Phone Number Web Site Description and Notes
Recreation 757-5626 Recreation Division staff in Community Services provide all-ages recreation including aquatics,tennis,dance, drama,gymnastics,preschool programs,day camps and playground programs,sports leagues,fitness classes,special interest classes and programs,Senior Center and Teen activities and services, and coordination with co-sponsored sports organizations.


Service Who provides it Phone Number Web Site Description and Notes
Street Trees 757-5626 Parks & General Services staff are responsible for all trees planted on public land, including designated street trees on public street easements. However, after the [WWW]dismissal of the city's only tree crew by City Manager Steve Pinkerton, the fate of downed branches and regular tree maintenance is in limbo. Volunteer assistance provided by Tree Davis, a local non-profit organization.


Service Who provides it Phone Number Web Site Description and Notes
Taxes 757-5607 Finance provides information on local tax rates,special assessments and non-property tax collection.
Yolo County Tax Collector/Treasurer 666-8625 responsible for property tax billing and collection services
Yolo County Assessor 666-8135 Property assessment information
Theatres Community Services 757-5626 maintains two theatres suitable for performances and events.Call for rental information
Traffic Operations See Street lighting, Streets and Sidewalks
Transportation 757-4408 Community Transit/Dial a Ride provides curb-to-curb services by advance reservation.Priority to residents 62 years and older or disabled.Call Parks & Community Services transit staff
Unitrans 752-BUSS [WWW] Unitrans provides daily bus service to students and residents of Davis on 17 routes
YoloBus 666-2877 [WWW] Yolobus offers local and express bus service 365 days a year in Yolo County and neighboring areas including Woodland, Davis, West Sacramento ,downtown Sacramento, Sacramento International Airport ,Cache Creek Casino, Winters, Esparto, Madison and Knights Landing.
Amtrak 758-4220 or 1-800-872-7245 Amtrak offers round-trip trains that link Davis to the Bay Area and beyond on the Capitol Corridor and Coast Starlight


Service Who provides it Phone Number Web Site Description and Notes
Utilities Public Works 757-5686 Public Works provides water, sewer, and drainage service
Garbage Davis Waste Removal 756-4646 Garbage and Recycling collection provided by Davis Waste Removal under contract with the city of Davis.
Billing 757-5651 Contact Finance to change ownership or services, or get information about billing, payments, automatic payment options, and the pre-pay program for services shown above.
Electricity and Gas Pacific Gas & Electric 800-743-5000
Telephone SBC Pacific Bell 800-310-2355
Cable TV Comcast 800-824-2000


Service Who provides it Phone Number Web Site Description and Notes
Visitor Information and assistance Davis Conference & Visitor's Bureau 297-1900
International House 753-5007 Special services to international visitors
Voter Information and assistance Yolo County Clerk 666-8133 or 800-649-9943


Service Who provides it Phone Number Web Site Description and Notes
Wastewater 757-5686 Call Public Works for waste water treatment information.
Water 757-5686 Public Works oversees and provides information on water quality, conservation, wells, how to read your water bill and water audits
Web Site [WWW] The city's web site has extensive information on many city services and contacts, plus streaming video of City Council and Planning Commission meetings.
Weed Abatement 757-5610 To report a visual blight problem, contact the city’s Code Compliance staff in Community Development. To report a potential fire hazard, contact the Fire Department at 757-5684.
Wetlands 757-5686 The City’s 400 acre Wetlands project uses treated waste water and storm water runoff for dual purpose of wildlife habitat restoration and water quality enhancement. See the city’s web site for information, or contact Public Works.


Service Who provides it Phone Number Web Site Description and Notes
Yolo County 666-8150 [WWW] Call the Yolo County administration office or see the County web site for information and referral information to Yolo County government services and the Board of Supervisors.


Service Who provides it Phone Number Web Site Description and Notes
Zoning Community Development 757-5610 [WWW] Community Development is responsible for compliance and revisions of Zoning chapter of Municipal Code, including: residential (e.g. fences, home occupations, set backs and lot coverage, garage conversions, etc.) and non-residential (signs, downtown, design review, parking, lighting control). Counter staff can provide in-person information and assistance. The complete Zoning chapter is posted on the department’s web site.
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