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 * ["Activities and Recreation Center"] -Recreation  * ["Akasha Yoga"] -Yoga
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 * ["Barefoot Yoga Studio"] -Yoga
 * ["Bikram Yoga Davis" Bikram Davis] -Yoga
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 * ["Davis Mama Yoga"] -Yoga for mothers
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 * ["Davis Swim and Fitness Club"] -Exercise
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 * ["FIT House Power Vinyasa Yoga" Fit House] -Pilates and yoga
 * ["Get Fit Davis"] -Exercise
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 * ["Kaya Yoga"] -Yoga
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   * ["Activities and Recreation Center"] -Recreation
   * ["Craft Center"] -Arts & crafts
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 * ["Village Yoga"] -Yoga

Davis is the regional center for education and training (and bicycles). There are several places in Davis to take classes and workshops for fun and/or education. The places listed here offer classes to the public, with some restrictions. Most do not offer certification/credit. The instructors/teachers may or may not be credentialed. Don't forget online education too.


Outside Davis

Also see Camps, Schools, Martial Arts and Self Defense and Yoga.


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