Classic UC Davis Courses


There are several classes that could be considered the epitome of UC Davis:

ABT 49 Field Equipment Operation 2 units Pass/No Pass only
a.k.a "Tractor Driving"
ANS 1 Introduction to Animal Science 4 units GE Credit: SciEng, Writing
Learn all about livestock while perfecting your sheep-flipping and cow/goat-milking skills!
FST 3 Introduction to Brewing and Beer 3 units GE Credit: SciEng
FST 10 Food, Folklore, & Health 3 units
You can also take this class in Spain on UCD Summer Abroad
MUS 106 History of Rock 4 units GE Credit: ArtHum
NUT 10 Discoveries and Concepts in Nutrition 3 units GE Credit: SciEng
PLS 5 Plants Gard, Orch & Land 2 units
Harvesting your own vegetables (formerly PLB 1)
PLP 40 Edible Mushroom Cultivation 2 units
VEN 3 Introduction to Winemaking 3 units GE Credit: SciEng or SocSci
HDE 12 Human Sexuality 3 units GE Credit: DIV
HIS 111 Series Ancient History 4 units / 3 classes GE Credit: ArtHum
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