Classroom Technology Services


**This page is for historical purposes only. CTS no longer exists as an independent entity.

One Shields Ave, 1440 Surge II
M-F, 10am-4pm
(530) 752-3333

In 2007, Classroom Technology Services merged with Mediaworks to form Academic Technology Services. All of CTS's services are still available, just under different names.

[WWW]Classroom Technology Services, under the information and educational technology dept, is available for campus departments, clubs, orgs, faculty and staff. They charge through University Re-charge and Purchase Order. They also take cash or charge. If you need any kind of equipment, CTS might have it for you to rent. They specialize in Audio-Visual and Printer Repair. They also distribute the keys to the lock boxes in all lecture halls. For instance, if you need a remote to navigate DVD menus, CTS is your man.


I don't know what their policy on renting to students is, but i walked in there and rented stuff for ASUCD Entertainment Council with no problems. - ArlenAbraham

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