Clothing Stores


Davis is a town with relatively few options for buying clothes, but there are some. Men's clothing is harder to come by than women's.

  1. Cheap or Free
  2. Boutiques
  3. Sportsware/Skatewear
  4. Chain Clothing Stores
  5. Custom Garment Printing & Embroidery
  6. Formal Wear
    1. Men's Wear
    2. Women's Wear
  7. UC Davis Clothing
  8. Davis Clothing
  9. "Vintage" Clothing
  10. Outside of Davis
  11. Related Links

Cheap or Free



Chain Clothing Stores

Custom Garment Printing & Embroidery

Formal Wear

Men's Wear

Men's Macy's at [WWW]Westfield Downtown plaza in Sacramento is an option to buy various men's clothes, including many types and sizes of formal wears.

Women's Wear

UC Davis Clothing

Davis Clothing

"Vintage" Clothing

Outside of Davis

Related Links


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