Coffee-Bagel-Donut Day


Coffee-Bagel-Donut Day is a weekly event put on by the Graduate Student Association. Every Friday from 9AM to 11AM, the GSA gives away — you guessed it — coffee, bagels, and doughnuts. It's very popular, drawing at least 200 grad students every week during the regular school year.

It's a good place to meet people from outside your department, because we all know that grad students are in their own little world most of the time. You can also meet up with the GSA officers and chat about what you'd like to see on campus. And after years of undergrad and financial debt, no grad can resist the lure of free food.

Lately the event has been a little too popular, and they run out of food before 10:30. A lot of this is probably due to people taking more than one bagel or taking food back to their labs.

For more information about the Graduate Student Association, you can check out the [ucdgsa]GSA Wiki as well.

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